6 Things Pokemon X & Y Need To Have

With the recent announcement of Pokémon X & Y for the 3DS, the internet has been swarming with speculation, announcements and a ton of theories about the new Pokémon.  Black and White 2 were kind of a letdown for some, so many (including myself) are hoping for an evolution of the franchise with the new installments.  I know my mind is literally drowning with ideas I would love to see make its way into the series, even if some of them aren’t very likely. I’m just saying, I should have the opportunity, at least once, to attack another particularly annoying trainer directly.  Once would be fine.

Since I’m probably not going to get that opportunity, however, here are a few things besides the obvious graphical additions that I legitimately hope make it into X & Y.

More Distinct Differences Between Versions

Black and White took some good steps forward in this regard with a few game-specific zones, Pokémon and trainers, but it’s a far cry from the level of diversity I would like to see.  Souryuu City is an old-timey town in one version, and a futuristic zone in the other.  That’s an awesome idea.  Imagine how cool it would be if the whole game was like that, or if they featured entirely different worlds and layouts.  Black City and White Forrest were a good start, and I liked the interactivity between the two.  Nintendo could really create an interesting large scale model there.  Version specific legendaries are cool as well, but what about the possibility of different starter Pokémon or, gasp, entirely separate Pokedex’s.

This just leaked: The starter Pokemon will be Grass, Water and Fire types. This is big, you guys.

A More Advanced Leveling System For Pokémon

Because it is about as bare-bones as you can get.  Something as simple as interactive stat point implementation or a more evinced version of ability selection would be fine, or we could go into full-on character development for each and every Pokémon.  It’s whatever at this point, because anything would be better than nothing.  Maybe, just maybe, let us have more than four abilities, or open up some of the restrictions on TMs a bit.  It’s nice that basic elemental weaknesses are part of the game, but more could be done there.  They don’t have to be so all or nothing.  There should be more reasons to fall in love with a Pokémon, not less.

While We’re At It, Let Us Level Our Trainer Too

I can’t believe that this hasn’t happened yet.  It’s nice having an army of experience-gaining monsters at your command, but why not give us a better reason to become attached to our avatar?  Perhaps you could become more and more proficient with different types of Pokémon, or earn passive bonuses that can help you in and out of battle.  Or even better, imagine that if you had a full skill tree to explore full of boosts and abilities.   There has been a disconnect between me and my monster slave trainer for far too long.

A Story That Isn’t The Same As Every Other Pokémon

This is probably asking too much, but maybe it’s time for Game Freak to stretch their narrative wings just a little bit.  Does this sound familiar:  Kid, just reaching that “certain age” meets a professor and gets tips on monster hunting, and gets his/her first monster.  The kids friends also receive his/her leftovers, and all three asynchronously travel the same path towards defeating the world’s greatest monster trainers.  Along the way, they inevitably thwart some splinter group with nefarious plans, and learn a few life lessons along the way.  Just saying, maybe it’s time for something new.  Pokemon permadeath?  Heavy themes of loss and regret?  A plot twist or two?  One or all of these should happen.

I didn’t choose the thug life, thug life chose me.

There Is No Reason Not To Have New Game+

I mean, really.  What the heck else is there to do after beating the Elite Four…again. A few scattered “respawning” trainers isn’t going to cut it, and unless they drastically shake up the competitive multiplayer, there needs to be more endgame content.  I know Pokémon was founded on trading, but this could be a practical (but still difficult) way to get all three starter Pokémon.

Evolve The Battle System

Like I said, elemental types are a good start, but there have to be more ways to enhance the combat.  Double and triple battles are cool I guess, but the overreliance on opposite types make even basic strategies impossible.  Right now, the strategy is pretty much “hope you have the right type and pray you don’t”.  I’d like to see that reduced a bit, and more emphasis put on mid-battle swapping and perhaps even positioning.  Maybe it’s time for more than one Pokémon to be the norm, not the exception.  Thousands of other RPGs can’t be all wrong.

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  1. VictorGarritano

    Shut up.
    -More distinct differences between verisions.
    All players are supposed to be enjoying the same world at the same time.  You’re not supposed to pick what faction of the pokemon universe you want to enter, you’re supposed to pick what version exclusive pokemon you’d rather find in the wild.
    -A more advanced levelling system.
    Have you even tried utilizing EVs or IVs?  If you think levelling a pokemon is easy, you’ve naver RNG’d  apokemon for competitive purposes before.
    -While we’re at it, let us level our trainer too.
    Pokemon would become just like every other RPG once the focus is put on the character.  Everything in Pokemon is meant to progress in a relatively set path, save for what stats you focus on while raising your pokemon.  As the player, you grow enough on your own by gaining trusted friends as the Pokemon you journey with and gaining badges.  The badges themselves unlock passives in the overworld and used to give your pokemon mild stat boosts in battle.
    -A story that isn’t the same.
    They have a formula that’s made them money for years now.  Your suggestions of death and regret are way too dark for kids to handle regularily in-game.  You do know that the games are geared towards kids, right?
    -something about a new game
    You don’t sound like a competitive player.  The replay value lies in raising more pokemon and entering wifi battles to gain a sizeable winning streak.
    -Evolve the battle system
    The present battle system involves damage calculation between four different stats, speed priority, type compatibility, same-type-attack-bonuses, attribute resistances, weather, stat boosters, stat swappers, priority changers, The ability to coordinate a strategy in three general situations and over ten specific situations…what was so simplistic about the battle system again?  As far as your complaints about type compatibility goes, the game is supposed to teach you about balance.  If your entire team has a crippling weakness to one particular attribute, then it shows where your weaknesses lie as a trainer.  In the metagame, every pokemon is there to serve a purpose in battle, and most are trained well enough and given the necessary techniques to cover their weaknesses and stay in the battle as long as possible.  But that’s what having a team is for.  You make it sound like you trained a team full of Charmanders only to get in trouble when somebody pulled out a Boldore and Basculin.  Positioning exists in the three-on-three battle formats, and that’s all a good player needs.
    -sigh- Casual players just don’t get it…

  2. NickLamare

    VictorGarritano what he was saying is that the games are getting boring which i kinda agree with they should change it up abit  and having more after game would add to the fun of the game its not all about competitive play a lengthy after game simply makes the game better kinda like they did with emerald putting in a full battle frontier made the game better 
    and the battle system could be alot better but the pokemon battle system has always been bad 
    and haveing more changes adds diversity and would make the consumer want to buy both versions to see the full game so that one would be good money wise 
    and about leveling up your trainer i think its a good idea it wouldnt make pokemon like other rpgs(that would be impossible)it would actually make pokemon even more different from over rpgs

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