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Blake Krikorian and R2 Studios Join Microsoft

Microsoft is starting off the new year with a rather prestigious acquisition. Today they announced Blake Krikorian and his R2 Studios are now under the Microsoft banner. This is great news for Microsoft as they reportedly beat out tech giants like Apple and Google to grab Krikorian and R2 Studios. Terms of the acquisition were not divulged.

The former board member will join Microsoft as a corporate vice president in its Interactive Entertainment Business, under which is the Xbox Division. Before the acquisition Krikorian had established id8 Group R2 Studios, a home entertainment technology startup, which has now been revealed to be apart of the acquisition.

Krikorian had resigned from Amazon’s board late last year after his company was acquired but he had not said, at the time, which company had purchased R2 Studios. Krikorian had also been a co-founder of Sling Media Inc., which created the Slingbox for watching TV on computers and was sold to EchoStar in 2007.

“I look forward to helping the team define the future of entertainment and contribute to the next decade of continued innovation,” Krikorian said in a statement.

This whole episode lends itself to the notion that Microsoft is placing increasing emphasis on the Xbox’s entertainment hub aspects. This should come as no surprise, as Microsoft has stated in the past that the majority of time consumers spent on Xbox Live was devoted to watching non-gaming related media. Microsoft has recently partnered with the likes of HBO, Comcast, Netflix, and YouTube for streaming services through the system.

The ultimate impact on the gamers is yet unknown, but it will most definitely be media related.

Via: [Gamespot] Source: [Wall Street Journal]