The Best Minecraft Experience Thanks To Technic Custom Modpacks

Modding in Minecraft is nothing new. In fact, there are thousands of ways to customize your Minecraft adventure but until now it’s pretty a tough road to get into the Mine-mod scene. Thanks to the newest update to the awesome Technic Launcher, you can now create your own modpacks filled to the brim with your favorite mods and extras.

To be honest, Minecraft has been dead to me for a few months now. I just don’t have any enjoyment playing it anymore. I felt that I played my fair share of the game, messed around with enough servers, built enough crap that will never look as good as the stuff I see on reddit. Nowadays I get on and after 5 minutes I feel bored and exit the game. I just can’t get into Minecraft anymore.

Today a friend of mine begged me to test out this modpack he has been putting together. There are nearly 30 mods put into this pack and they add 7 realms you can travels to, 11 bosses, new biomes, over 2000 items, 30 new ores, and 80 new enemies. Is it the most decked out modpack? I’m sure it isn’t. However, my friend spent a lot of time putting this thing together so I gave it a whirl.



For those of you that have never used or heard of Technic Launcher, it is a modpack platform that automatically downloads the correct mods and their updates so you can play Minecraft with a bunch of new features very easily. It used to just come with a few different modpacks like Hack/Mine, Yogbox, an some others but recently an update for the launcher came out that added three spots for custom modpacks. You add a .zip file URL (in this case, a Dropbox link) and it automatically installs everything needed from the modpack to make it work.

Getting onto my friend’s server with his modpack was easy enough but now it had to keep me entertained pasted the five minutes that I normally spent getting bored and quitting.

As soon as I logged into this server I was standing in front of a giant Cyclops monster. I freaked out a bit running backwards but I realized the thing wasn’t changing me. Turns out Cyclops aren’t aggressive creatures and just want to be left alone. A little ways down the road I came to a town and I saw a few guys with swords and iron armor leaving towards where I came from. I followed them and they started to attack the Cyclops. I actually felt bad for the big guy as he wasn’t harming anyone but I was unarmed and wasn’t about to get into it with three guards and possibly an enraged Cyclops. All went well, though. The Cyclops is not push over. Piss this guy off and you’ll have a fight on your hands. He dusted the guards and went on his merry way.

Needless to say, this wasn’t my normal Minecraft experience already.



My buddy then logged on and told me to speed things up he’d show me around. I was teleported to a fort and he gave me a Diamond pistol, some ammo, an iron sword, and a set of iron armor. We ransacked the fort and that was pretty cool. The challenge had just begun, though. I was then teleported to a giant, sprawling tower that my buddy told me housed one of the overworld bosses, namely the Twilight Lich. Veterans of some of the more popular Minecraft mods will know what I’m talking about.

Turns out the world (and its 7 other realms) are filled with these giant towers that are actually very difficult to conquer and have bosses in them that require mechanics to defeat. For the Lich we had to strike at his beams to send them back at him depleting his shields. Then he would summon a bunch of strong zombies while attacking us from a distance. Taking out the zombies initialized phase three where the Lich takes out a sword and fights you to the death. All-in-all it was a tense fight that shattered my perception of what a battle would be like in Minecraft.

My friend then took me a clear area and began to spread out the new blocks that his modpack had in it. Like I said, there are some 30 mods in this pack and that means a ton of new blocks. There are full kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and auto-mining quarries. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. The stuff in the kitchen was very impressive. It was all usable. The fridge would hold food, the cabinets acted like chests, the oven was a furnace, and the dishwater would repair items.



Having all of these mods usable at the same time and online was something I haven’t seen done in Minecraft before. Obviously, I’ve been out of the modding scene for the game for awhile so I missed out on a ton of awesome mods created by the community. Technic Launcher and their new modpack feature makes for creating experiences like this easier.

Whether you’re still very much into Minecraft, pretty much done with it, or never got into it these modpacks enhance the experience with the game so much that I almost can’t recommend playing vanilla Minecraft anymore.

Thankfully, my friend was nice enough to allow me to post the link to his modpack. You can enjoy the same challenges I did and even use a functioning toilet. Sounds beyond amazing, doesn’t it?

To use this modpack, please follow these instructions:


  1. Download Minecraft.
  2. Download the Technic Launcher.
  3. On the top right of the Technic Launcher will be a drop down box showing you the already installed modpacks. Go to one of the three custom options.
  4. Click on options near the log-in box.
  5. Put the following link into the Custom Zip area: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/24467643/modpack.zip
  6. Sign in using your Minecraft account info.
  7. Play!


See? Very simple! There’s also a mod list on the main menu after you load up the game so you can see what mods are in the pack.

Enjoy playing Minecraft… the ultimate way!

Also, here are some more screen shots from my adventures in the modpack:




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  1. timoV44

    deffinately a cool modpack. if a bit unstable with some stuff. for example you can’t place an advanced workbench. another downside is that some items seem uncraftable like the wooden gun and its pretty hard to find the name of all the mods included. (at least for me)
    the modpack has a huge amount of potential but it needs some more work to make it stable.
    all in all a 4/5 due to it beeing to unstable to fully apriceate the modpack. (but then again a bit more work to make it stable and this modpack could become huge)
    (my appolegies for any grammer mistakes. english isn;t my native language)

  2. JakeLumpyThomson

    it’s a great mod, loving every last bit of it except for the fact that I can’t look at maps and such because everything is shifted too low, all I can see is the very tops of my thaumcraft scrolls and I can barely see the edge of the thamometer, so does anyone know how to fix this?

  3. JacobRankin

    Is there a server file that i can download? i don’t see one on the page, and i really wanted to play with my friend.

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