Possible Pokemon X and Y Starter Evolutions

With Pokemon X and Y being announced yesterday the fan speculation and art has already become too much to contain.

We caught a glimpse of a lot with yesterday’s announcement: playable characters, the three starters, the two main legendaries, and ever some gameplay. What we didn’t get to see was what the starters will look like once they are evolved.

This is the sixth generation of Pokemon and we’ve already see plenty of awesome water, fire, and grass starter evolutions but we’ve also seen way too many Fire/Fighting combos. That’s why this excellent fan art picture has me buzzing with hope that this may actually be somewhat official.

I say somewhat because, honestly, there is no source for the picture. It was posted on reddit’s r/pokemon by user BlueJoeCo who admits it is fan art but posts no source. Weirder yet, the super sleuths of reddit weren’t able to find any, either. Could this picture be some sort of concept art from Game Freak?

Either way, it certainly looks like all three could be real. Each of them compliments the starters perfectly as a full evolution just like the prior games’ starters.

Plus, frog beard.

Speculation abound, of course, but it is fun to look at some crazy good art — be it fan or actual concept.


Fennekin Evolution



Froakie Evolution



Chespin Evolution