Fallout 4 Teased by Voice Actor

Erik Dellums, known to Fallout players as Three Dog, has suggested he may be involved in a future Fallout project.

The voice actor tweeted:

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And then went on to say he’d been given permission to reveal his potential involvement:

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As Dellums noted himself it is possible to kill Three Dog in Fallout 3 though it’s likely that this may not be taken into account, gamers who murdered the radio host found that he was replaced by a female DJ in the game.

Last year there were suggestions Fallout 4 might be set in Boston, with Three Dog’s involvement we can also guess that the next installment of the franchise will be set around the same time (Fallout 3 occurs in 2277).

This raises the prospects the game might be officially announced soon, likely on next-gen platforms.