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Why Isn’t This a Game Yet? Series Finale

“Why Isn’t This a Game Yet?” is a series that combines two of my favorite things: video games and great books. I have loved to read even longer than I’ve enjoyed gaming, and while I am not usually interested in novelizations of games, there are many books that I wish were turned into games. In this series, I will share some of these books, and (sometimes with mild spoilers) explain why I think this book would make such a great game.

This is it. After many weeks, this series is finally coming to an end. There is only so much I can read, and only so many great novels that can be turned into games.

In this series, I always asked a simple question: “Why isn’t this a game yet?” I often had no answer. There are many television shows and films that have been adapted to the video game medium, but there have been very few books turned into video games. Why is this? I do not know.

Reading is the original form of entertainment, and despite the inventions and increasing respective popularities of television, film, and video games over the past century, I believe reading will always be relevant. In a way, reading is the ultimate visual medium, with the visuals taking place in the reader’s mind. Some people complain when their favorite books are turned into films or television shows because their version of the story is ruined by one person’s interpretation, but I generally am not of that camp. I relish the idea of seeing my favorite stories come to life, from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones.

Hopefully, one day, I will be able to see all of my favorite books come to life in video game form, allowing me to truly live these stories. From Joe Haldeman’s classic sci-fi novel The Forever War to J.K. Rowling’s world-changing Harry Potter series, there are many great books and book series’ that would make great video games.

One message that I seemed to write over and over again in this series is one about developers. If any of these properties become games, I personally want them to be made by developers I can trust, developers that know what they are doing. I want these games to be memorable instead of harmful to the already shaky reputation of licensed games.

In closing, it’s been a lot of fun writing these pieces and I hope you guys have enjoyed reading them. If you are new to the series, or have missed any editions of “Why Isn’t This a Game Yet?”, you will find every edition of the series below.

The Forever War

The Legend of Drizzt

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