Pokemon X and Y Announced For The 3DS Showing Off New Starters And Legendaries

Update 1-9-13: Possible start evolution pictures found. Click here for pictures!


This morning during a Nintendo Direct online conference, Nintendo and Game Freak announced the next generation of Pokemon for the 3DS: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Of course we all know that means Pokemon Z will this be this gen’s Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum.

Pokemon XY will have gorgeous 3D environments and battles that look like an updated Pokemon Stadium or even one of the Gamecube RPGs. I have to say, though, the best part about this entire announcement is that this gen will be a worldwide simultaneous release in October of this year!

While not much else is know about the story, villain, how many new Pokemon, or the region we’re in this time, we did get looks at the two playable characters (male and female, of course), the three new starters, some gameplay elements, amazing battles, and even the two Legendaries that will be gracing the two versions.



The two new starters are Chespin (a grass-type chipmunk), Fennekin (a fire-type cross bectween Vulpix and Zorua), and Froakie (a water-type frog). The two Legendaries look like a red-feathers bird with claws on the ends of his wings and the other a stag with rainbow-colored antlers.

The gameplay looks like an evolution of what we saw in Black/White/Black 2/White 2. Obviously Game Freak has been hard at work making this new engine and gameplay come together nicely. This is why Black 2/White 2 were not for the 3DS.



Until more information comes out, check out the screen shots below and get pumped for our first true 3D Pokemon version adventure!