PlayStation 4 to be Announced in February?

Sony have scheduled a press conference at the Destination PlayStation event in Arizona next month and Expert Reviews is claiming to have been informed that the company will use the event to announce the PlayStation 4.

The console is widely expected to be announced this year with many assuming a reveal at or near E3 however if Sony were to show off the system next month they’d get the jump on Microsoft who’d likely bring forward their own announcement of the next Xbox.

One possible downside to early reveals may be that it leads to another rather flat E3. However hype is an important part of any console launch.

The system is rumoured to potentially feature a block on used games, boast an AMD A10 accelerated processing unit (APU) processor, and potentially offer ultra-HD visuals. The console is also widely expected to launch before the end of the year.

Reports indicate that the PlayStation 4 is codenamed the ‘Orbis’.

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