Ouya Might Arrive a Month Early

This weekend reports emerged that claim the Android-powered Ouya gaming console could ship a month early. Meanwhile a 3D-capable version is also rumored to be in the works.

The Android-powered Ouya console is targeting a March release in the UK for the final price of the of £99, which is a tad more expensive than the console’s US price of $99 (about £61.55).

The device famously raised $8.6 million from Kickstarter last year, making it one of the most successful crowdfunded projects to date. Ouya dev kits were shipped out to top-level US backers in December 2012, and the official Ouya website still maintains that UK pre-orders will be shipped in April.

The reports sources also state that some of the money raised from the Kickstarter campaign is being directed towards the development of a version of the Ouya that supports for stereoscopic 3D.

While Android gaming hasn’t nearly found it’s place, and has often seen some major stumbles, companies clearly see this a a lucrative market. A rival Kickstarter project Gamestick has grown popular and is smashing through its goals. Even Nvidia threw their hat in the arena this weekend with the announcement of Project Shield, its own Android-powered gaming device with the capability to stream games to your TV from your PC.

Either way Ouya will set the precedence, if it hits shelves this March and fails to meet expectation, we can expect to see some people hop off the Android gaming bandwagon and perhaps join the Steambox faithful.

Via: [Gamespot] Source: [Pocket-Lint]