When Did This Become The Time For Deals?

Everywhere you look in the video game world there’s always discounted deals to take advantage of. But in the past there were a couple of key points in the year that deal seeking gamers looked forward to. The Black Friday and pre holiday time is a season for cheap games, and then there is the summer time sales that Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation all seem to have now. I’ve noticed lately, however, that this beginning of the year early January is becoming a time for hot deals also. It this just start happening or have I been out of the loop?!

It kind of makes sense. Everyone just spent a bunch of money on the holidays, so a good deal towards the end of that period could push a couple more dollars out of the average consumer. It also makes sense that for the new year businesses are trying to restock their inventory, getting rid of last year’s product. But I’m suprised by the number of companies that have been having deals lately.

Steam’s 3 day sale has been fantastic so far. It’s been a mini version of their ever so famous Summer Steam Sale, offering fairly new titles at up to 75% off. In addition they’ve been selling their franchise packages, a great deal for a long list of games. Steam has sales from time to time, but this one, named their “Encore Sale” seems like a pretty big one. GameStop also sent me an e-mail a week or two that had 8 pages of deals that are currently going on. I’ve been recieving their discount list as part of their newsletter all year, and it’s never been more than 3 or 4 pages. Even the MMO I play is having a three day sale right now for their in-game store.

And none of these companies have been offering shitty deals either. Like I said Steam has up to 75% off titles that came out this year. GameStop too is having all kinds of trade in specials, offering more for some trade ins then they have all year. It’s not like companies are just trying to put on clearance the crap that didn’t sell during the holidays, it really seems like they’re just trying to extend their holiday business.

Will the after holiday deals continue in years to come? Of course the gamer on a budget hopes so. And will they end up melding with the pre holiday sales. Because if so then gamers are going to have a solid couple of months of cheap games. Who knows if the deals are going to continue to grow in the future. But for now get the most of your money and do a little bit of shopping, and keep an eye out again for this time of year, because who knows what sales are going to spark up during the new post holiday deal season.