looper 2

Looper: You Have to See it!

There have not been many movies recently that I have seen that have been as enjoyable to watch as Looper. Not only do most movies lack imagination, artistic direction, and unique directing, but most movies now are sequels that usually are an embarrassment to the original. If you feel the same way, then you must watch Looper for a breath of fresh air that may reignite your confidence in films.

The film follows Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joe, a Looper hired by the mob to kill men that are sent back in time. Confused yet? Essentially, in 2074 the mob was using the newly invented, but illegal, method of time travel to send men they wanted killed into the past. The men were sent back to Loopers who were given a time and location to meet and kill said men. Joe is an addict hitman that is saving up his money until retirement, yet his plan is thrown off course when his future self was sent to be killed, but manages to escape instead. What follows is an incredibly thrilling and well plotted time travel/sci-fi/action film that ventures to tell a beautiful love story while also an assassination plot. Still confused? That’s okay; just watch it!

The film is by far one of the best I have seen in months and leaves you thinking about it over and over. As with all time travel flicks you will eventually find holes in the theology and execution of time travel, but who cares, the movie itself is a damned worthy experience to discuss with friends for days after viewing. Speaking of which; each person I have brought the movie up to has also expressed their joy in the film. I have yet to find someone who outright hated it. The movie also stars Bruce Willis as future Joe and Jeff Daniels as a time traveling mobster that controls the Loopers.

So, witness the trailer below and rush to your nearest video store, or click on your favorite digital site, and rent or buy this one today!