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Evil Dead 2013 Red Band Trailer #2 Available

Being very conscience of the type of audience we have, I must assume that the majority of us are fans of the Evil Dead trilogy. If you are a fan, a true fan, then you also are aware from the time that Army of Darkness has concluded the trilogy there have been an endless and annoying amount of rumors regarding an Evil Dead remake, or an Evil Dead 4. Well, after all of the crap, and Bruce Campbell saying no, no, no for years, the remake (or re-imagining) is finally on the horizon. And, as a long time fan of the originals, I hate to admit it looks pretty good.

The new film is produced by Ghosthouse which is Sam Raimi‘s production company. As a good sign for the love and care put into this movie you will notice that Robert Tapert and Bruce Campbell are also attached as producers. The film stars Jane Levy as Mia, a young woman struggling with sobriety who heads to a remote cabin with her brother and their friends where they eventually discover the Book of the Dead. As before, once the book is discovered and read, things go to hell quickly. I don’t feel the need to detail any more of the story as I would assume most of you already know the story, likely better than you would like to admit.


Going off the latest trailer, there are a lot of elements of the original film in the new one. The tree rape scene (which I applaud the new writers for including), the deadite in the cellar, the book itself, the chainsaw, the infected hand, and blood blood blood. I almost imagine the 2013 Evil Dead to almost be a testament or fan tribute to the original. From what I can tell, this is not yet another money-pumped loosely based horror remake, this looks to me like a true close to the chest re-imagining for a new generation. Now, I hate horror movie remakes. I hate that we are unable to bring about new terrors to the world and have to constantly rely on old iconic figures and in-turn cheapen them. But, I may have to give this one at least half support. I am at least curious enough to watch the movie to see whether or not a stumpy wrist will find itself attached to a chainsaw.

Check out the trailer below, let us know what you think!


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