Seven Easy Ways to Earn Platinum Trophies

It’s universally known within the trophy whoring community that a gamer is only as good as their trophy level. If you’re one of those who live for the ping, I offer to you these ten ways to score on some easy platinum trophies. Yes, some of them will have you questioning your self-respect, but let’s be honest; we all know it’s totally worth it.


The first place to look for easy trophies is in Telltale’s Adventure game The Walking Dead. It’s all based on completion, meaning you’ll get the trophy simply by playing through the entire game and completing each chapter and each episode of the season. There’s no getting 50 headshots, no collectibles to be found. It’s an easy platinum, adds 41 trophies to your count, and it’s great game to boot.

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PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale is an easy platinum with an asterisk by the name; it’s not a difficult one to get, but it will take you some time. Many of the trophies are simply completing a character’s arcade mode campaign, which can be earned on any difficulty. The rest are all mostly about executing a level three super with a character on their home stage or one of the few trophies earned online. You’ll earn 55 trophies for your labors and wind up with a platinum at the end.

(See the trophy list here)


Not only is it a great racing game, it’s a super easy platinum as well. Most of the trophies earned in Paradise come from simply grinding your way through it and completing many of the tasks you’d do anyway. There are a lot of rewards for smashing billboards, driving through various shops, and even one for sending a friend an online invite. The only downside to this one is the one trophy that requires a USB camera to send a picture of yourself to someone else.

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If you’ve got the patience to sit through kid’s film adaptation games, a very easy platinum awaits you at the end of Megamind. A majority of the trophies are earned by simply completing levels, and the ones earned from defeating bosses without dying aren’t as hard as they sound. It’s not a great game, but all of the trophies are earned in a handful of hours. I’ll let you decide if it’s worth it.

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Continuing the parade of self-loathing, Hannah Montana promises an easy platinum to those strong souls who can brave listening to Disney teen pop for a few hours. Most of the trophies are earned from unlocking content and getting a five-star rating on songs (which isn’t as hard as it sounds). This is one for the hardest of hardcore trophy whores who can manage to muscle through it, and 43 trophies await you at the end.

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Another bad game, another easy trophy. CSI Fatal Conspiracy rewards a platinum trophy mostly for completing mundane tasks in the game and conducting your crime scene investigations thoroughly. If you can stomach it, the game gives you a nice 26 trophies to add to your count.

(See the trophy list here)


A nice break from this recent string of bad games with easy trophies, The Sly Collection promises three platinum trophies to those who are willing to spend the time to get them. Many of the trophies are earned by completing simple in-game tasks like collecting items or defeating bosses, and some of the bigger ones are earned after completing the entire main story. Like PlayStation All Stars, this one will take you some time to get, but it’ll be well worth it at the end. Plus, the Sly Cooper series is made up of some great games, so you really can’t go wrong here.

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Admittedly, this is a small list meant to get you started, and I’m sure there are a million more easy platinum trophies I might have missed here. Got any others?  Share them with the class in the comments below!

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