Ouya Rival GameStick Launches on Kickstarter

The Ouya won’t be the only Android based console to launch this if the GameStick’s Kickstarter is successful. The GameStick, so called because it comes as a memory stick.

GameStick is being marketed as “the most portable TV games console ever developed.”

The device’s developers “hope to accelerate the race to change the face of big screen gaming with the launch of the most portable, affordable, dedicated TV gaming device on the market priced at just $79,” $20 cheaper than the Ouya.

“We wanted to create a games console that helped further our overriding mission to bring affordable gaming to the big screen” in a press release today Jasper Smith, the CEO of PlayJam – the system’s creators – commented. “Not only that, we wanted to push the boundaries of what has been achieved up to now bypacking sufficient power into the most portable of devices, enabling users to carry that experience with them wherever they go.”

“We are currently in a closed Beta phase of development with a working prototype that our guys are using to test some great games. Next comes the final design stage and live testing of both the controller and the games,” he continued.

“We are fortunate to have been able to utilize our existing technology to get us to this point and have preferred manufacturers in place and an existing developer network ready to go. However, to get this project over the line and into full production, we need the support of the backers on Kickstarter,” Smith added.

The GameStick slots directly into a TV’s HDMI port and is operated using a supplied Bluetooth controller however all Bluetooth controllers which support Human Interface Device Profile (HID) will work with the GameStick.

The console boasts 1GB of DDR3 memory and 8GB of Flash memory, built-in WiFi capabilities, and runs on Jelly Bean, the latest Android iteration. The GameStick will allow for paid games will the Ouya is intended exclusively for free-to-play titles.

At the time of writing the Kickstarter had almost reached it’s halfway point with just over $45,000 raised.