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Madden 11, Sims 2, And Other EA Games To Lose Online Functionality In January

EA always states that it’s in the game, unless the game just gets too old. Then, I suppose it’s not in the game. Starting on January 3rd with FIFA Manager 11 for PC, EA is set to take some games offline.

The bulk of this mass excommunication will occur on January 11th, with the following games losing online functionality:

  • FIFA Soccer 11
  • FIFA Soccer 11 Ultimate Team
  • Madden 11
  • Madden 11 Ultimate Team
  • NBA Jam
  • NBA Live 10
  • NCAA 11
  • NHL 11
  • NHL 11 Ultimate Team

With NBA Live 10 officially losing online functionality, online play for the NBA Live series has effectively ended. On January 14th, The Sims 2 will get the ax, with Trenches 2 for iOS following in its footsteps on the 19th. EA: it’s in the game, unless our servers for those in the game get too old.


Source: EA