Horror Game “Home” To Settle Down For Macs, iOS, and Android In 2013?

If you haven’t heard about Home, an independently-developed horror game currently available for $1.49 on Steam (COME ON, GUYS! NO EXCUSES!), then please make yourself acquainted with it. You have? Good!

Designer Benjamin Rivers has plans to release Home for other platforms, but exactly which ones are up to you. Though Rivers is looking at iOS and Mac, he has also stated that Android could be a possibility as well. On this website, Rivers is gauging interest if you’re willing to share your e-mail so you can “be the first to know.” No, it’s not a scam. Make your voices heard and pick the platform you want Home to be released for.

In addition, players who have purchased Home for Windows are expected to receive free content in the form of a new in-game area, “plus other fun things for eagle-eyed fans.” I like this Benjamin Rivers fella. So enigmatic and mysterious.


Source: Destructoid