The 14 Most Unappealing Pokemon

by Bowen M.

Pokemon have always been different and diverse, but not all of them are worth your time. From magnets to pine cones, here are 14 Pokemon that stand out in a very bad way

(Note: This list has more to do with the actual look of the Pokemon than their stats. They’re a mixed bag of attacks and strengths, but they all succeed on having a really, really lame appearance.)


This Pokemon is literally garbage. An actual sack of garbage. It’s cry kind of sounds like a fart, it has a terrible name, and it does not look appealing whatsoever. The only thing worse than this Pokemon’s look is its evolved form of Garbodor.



Yeah, it might be a cute little magnet, but it’s a magnet. Come on. And its evolved form isn’t much better, seeing as it’s three Magnemites stuck together. They redeemed themselves with Magnezone, but it still remains that Magnemite and Magneton are pretty lame.


A pile of purple goo. Man, they were just so original back in the first gen, weren’t they? It looks like playdough with a smiley face. However, it is really good for breeding because it can breed with any female Pokemon. But still…a pile of purple goo.




I hate this thing. It’s a fuzzy ball of appendages with a pig nose glued on it. In fact, it kind of reminds me of a Furby…a creepy, sweaty, nasty Furby. Don’t give that thing a hug, whatever you do.


It’s evolution is okay, but Pineco is lame. It’s a pinecone. Were they walking around one day and thought “Huh, I think I’d like to make a Pokemon out of a pinecone”? Really?




They made an ice cream cone Pokemon that grows progressively worse as it evolves. Do I have to justify this one? It’s an ice cream cone. It’s almost as bad as Mankey.



What is it supposed to be? A magnet with a massive nose and a mustache? It does have a pretty awesome cry, but that doesn’t fix the fact that it looks like a deformed Mario magnet.




Sure, evolving into Gyrados is pretty awesome, but the fact that it only knows Splash is pretty dumb. You can’t really do much with it until level 20. And it pretty much trolls you when you’re fishing.




Feebas is interesting, because if you level its beauty up all the way in contests, it’ll evolve into a Milotic. So basically if you have some patience it eventually pays off. But in the meantime, it looks stupid and isn’t a very good Pokemon. It’s better than Magikarp by a landslide, but it’s still pretty lame.



It’s a weird dog-human thing, like a bulldog mixed with a fat grandmother.I don’t know what it is, actually; all I know is it has an ugly, messed-up face with a flap for a mouth.




It’s a weird worm-looking thing that serves no purpose. I would call it the Magikarp of the caves. It looks pathetic, because it’s not much more than a little worm and is about as cool as Pokemon like Caterpie. The name isn’t very good, either.



It looks like a shrunken head stuck on a pink body that Japan chewed up and spit out.  It’s like Chansey’s ugly little sister and is kind of dumb. But that’s just me.




It’s literally a floating ball with pores on it that spit out gas. It just looks gross and totally out of it. Koffing looks like something that would smell really, really bad. The worst part is it just gets bigger and nastier in its evolved form of Weezing.



Sure it evolves into a Butterfree, but it’s just a little cocoon that can’t do much more than Tackle or Harden. It doesn’t look all that good either, like a weird green bean.

What Pokemon do you consider to be the most unappealing? Tell me in the comments below!