Who’s Your Top Pick in PlayStation All Stars?

It’s been just over a month since the release of the PlayStation franchise brawler Battle Royale, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve been playing more than your fair share of both arcade and online matches. And with a roster filled with a diverse set of characters, there’s a good chance you’ve found at least one character that best suits your play style.

As for me, I tend to vary between any one of these five when I’m playing online or just jumping in for a quick match:

Sweet Tooth –

 Sweet Tooth is great simply because he’s got just the right amount of both ranged and melee attacks to make him useful in any situation. He’ll drop mines, fire long-range shots, blast people with a shotgun,  use some wicked takedowns, and launch into a spinning frenzy with his chainsaw.

On top of that, his supers are fantastic, from the simple stomp kick of his level 1 to suiting up in his mech and blasting all of the other characters off the map in level 3. He’s well-rounded and extremely powerful, and for that, he tends to be my top choice.

PaRappa – 

One of the more obscure characters on the roster,PaRappa is no less awesome. Admittedly, he isn’t necessarily as offense-heavy or as fierce as characters like Kratos or Sweet Tooth, but he still has a solid attack set that delivers devastating combos when used right. Attacks like his super fast fists-of-fury punches or even his AP-generating boom box all have a place in combat and can be used to great effect when timed right.

Although they require some planning and careful timing, his supers are also pretty great. Level 1 gives you a strong upkick, Level 2 sees him running over everyone on the map with his skateboard, and his Level 3 allows him to…rap everyone to death? Yeah, his level 3 isn’t so hot. But the rest of his supers and attack moves are, and for that, I love to play as him.

Kratos –

It should be pretty obvious why Kratos is on this list. Out of all of these, he’s the character most suited for an all-out fighting game, and his move set is second to none. He has pop-up attacks, ranged attacks, brutal takedowns, and strings some great combos together using his iconic Blades. Plus, he controls really well and feels totally natural in the setting. Seriously. When I play as him, I can’t help but feel like I’m playing some sort of weird bonus level from God of War.

His supers are powerful, but typical, mainly comprised of super-powerful attacks that pretty much demolish everyone in the stage. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

Cole –

 Much like Kratos, Cole feels natural in the setting as part of the overall roster for All Stars. He’s got some great ranged electricity attacks, brutal melee attacks, pop-up attacks, and has seamlesss, tight controls that feel super fun to use.

His supers are pretty typical, but still awe some and a hell of a lot of fun to use as well. Who doesn’t love launching people across the map using electricity?




While he’s a bit more challenging due to his more ranged nature, Ratchet is still a super powerful character with a wide variety of moves useful in most situations. He brings a handful of his classic weapons into combat with him, including anything from his small handheld weapons to the larger guns capable of knocking characters across a map. He’s fluid, fun to use, and quirky as ever.

His supers are incredibly powerful as well.  In all the times I’ve played with him, I rarely bother to venture outside of using his level 1 super, thanks to the fact it pretty much obliterates anyone around him.


Who are your go-to fighters in PlayStation All Stars? Tell me in the comments below!