Team Deathmatch in Diablo III Not Going as Well as Planned

It seems as though the Team Deathmatch component of Diablo III may never be released.  Blizzard announced today on their official site that the arena-style PVP that they have been developing is not up the quality that they want.  Blizzard points to a few aspects on why they don’t think that Team Deathmatch isn’t very compelling, such as the replayability of the mode and the class balance.

Dueling, however, will be added in a future patch.  It’s the Team Deathmatch that Blizzard doesn’t feel is up to snuff with the rest of the game.  The tone of the post points to Blizzard scrapping the entire concept and creating a brand new mode that is more in line with what Diablo III brings to the table.  Whatever this new addition may be, Blizzard has said that it will be free.

In true Blizzard fashion, they will never release anything they believe isn’t of the utmost quality, even if it means taking their sweet time.

Blizzard being this transparent about these issues is totally refreshing.  They said that what they were working on just wasn’t up the to standards of what they make, and are telling their rabid fan base about it.  I’m sure many people are disappointed this mode isn’t coming along as planned, but it’s great to see the developer of the game be upfront about it.