The 3 Games You Need To Pick Up For Your New Console You Got On Christmas

Now that Christmas is done with, you may be looking at your new present(s) and wondering what to do with them. Well, no need to fret! If you got a new console (or phone!) this holiday then you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to list the top 3 games you should get right away for whatever platform you’re now playing on.

Keep in mind, these may not be the best 3 games of all time for these platforms but before we roll into 2013, you need to get these titles!


PC/Console Gaming



Got a new rig, huh? There are literally tons of titles I could list here but to start you off with some excitement, epicness, and some vast gaming worlds I decided to pick the following:


Mass Effect Trilogy

Also available on PS3 and 360.

What more can you ask for in a box set? You get all three Mass Effect games which, in my opinion, is the premier series fort his generation of consoles. No one should miss out on these games especially since it looks like this week you can find it on sale for nearly half off the retail price. Don’t wait until the new year for this one, folks.

This is the best space saga ever told in gaming.

This is also a viable choice for the listed consoles above that this is out for.


Guild Wars 2

Some may not like MMO’s but to be honest with you, that is no excuse to not play Guild Wars 2. For the price of the box (or digital download) you’ll be able to explore, level, conquer, and meet new friends without worrying about a monthly subscription.

Guild Wars 2 is a huge game and it is presented with such an artistic style and grace. This is truly a great way to get into online gaming.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Also available on PS3 and 360.

We’re on a roll here with vast worlds to explore and Skyrim isn’t going to break the combo. This game turned many heads and it still continues to do so. Even if you have played it on a console but now own a shiny beast of a PC, pick this up. The mods alone will supply you with endless experimentation of making the game exactly the way you want it and prolong the game’s lifetime by a near infinite amount.

Skyrim is a can’t-miss game already but add in the huge mod community and Steamworks and you got yourself a massive array of possibilities.



PlayStation 3

I know of some Leviathyn staff members that got a new PS3 of their own. Sony’s current system may have struggles in its first year or two but looking at it now makes it look like you have solid gold sitting on your shelf. The PS3 has a huge gaming library, the best available exclusives, and the best deal for an online subscription in PS Plus. But… what games should you get?


Uncharted Greatest Hits Dual Pack

Nathan Drake is a mainstay on the PS3 now and for good reason. While Uncharted 3 seemingly ended Drake’s console days for now, there’s no reason why you dismiss it. Thankfully this Dual Pack agrees and contains the first two games.

Some say the second Uncharted may be the best PS3 game ever. Uncharted 3 is no slouch, either. With this pack you’ll be busy for quite a while with Drake’s epic quests that the third game will be a fraction of the price it is now. Sweet deal.


Heavy Rain

You may look at this game and think it isn’t for you. I said the same thing before I played it. Heavy Rain is a PS3 exclusive that shouldn’t be missed by anyone. It is so unique, intense, and surreal in its story, presentation, and detail.

Don’t let the low action, high story combo scare you away. Heavy Rain will keep your mind thinking and your fingers ready for anything that pops up in the game.


God of War Saga

The God of War games are a staple of the PlayStation brand and what better way to get into them then to buy them all in one package? This Saga collection contains God of War 1-3 and the two PSP games that detail Kratos’ journeys before his encounter with Ares.

Plus: This collection also includes a 30-day trial of PS Plus which will get you more games and discounts. This is nothing bad you can say about this collection.




The Wii may be just about dead now but there are plenty of games to pick up. This console has tons of vaporware titles out there but scattered among them all are some real gems. Also, if you didn’t get a Wii but got a Wii U these games are backwards compatible so make sure you keep these titles in mind when shopping!


Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The biggest Smash of them all! Brawl is still one of the most popular and most played games for the Wii and for good reason. This is a great game, a fun fighter, and an even better group game with friends. Anyone can jump in and play even if they aren’t a gamer. It isn’t hard to play a Smash Bros. game!

Plus, how can you hate a game where you can play as Solid Snake, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby, Mario, Link, and Metaknight? That’s just great.


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

This game is the epitome of great controls on the Wii. It took almost its entire lifetime but Nintendo nailed everything about the Wii Remote with Skyward Sword. This Zelda game is a blast to play and combines a lot of the great things that may the older games fun and plenty of new mechanics to keep you on your feet.

Zelda is a premier franchise for Nintendo so you know you’re going to be the best presentation they can provide at that time.


Super Mario Galaxy

You can find this game real cheap these days and that’s great because Super Mario Galaxy is an amazing game. This is the true spiritual successor to Super Mario 64 and then some. Galaxy adds a lot to Mario’s play style and if you find that you like this game just wait until you play the superior Galaxy 2!

There are a lot of secrets and hidden things to find in the Galaxy games so take your time and just enjoy everything that this game provides. It’s quite a lot.



Wii U

So you’re now an owner of the newest gaming console, huh? I hope Santa or whoever got it for you made sure to download that gigantic update so you didn’t have to wait through it! Either way, the Wii U is still in its infant stages and while the launch had plenty of games to offer we’re still looking at a dry spell of releases this close to launch. That doesn’t mean there aren’t titles you should buy, though.


New Super Mario Bros. U

I don’t think the New Super Mario Bros. series changes much from release to release but seeing this one in HD and with the great connection to Miiverse makes it a must buy for the Wii U. NSBU is challenging and provides plenty of stages and worlds to last you quite a while. You’ll need some Wiimotes if you want to play multiplayer but otherwise the GamePad works very well here.

This is a great way to show off what the Miiverse can do in Wii U games. Nintendo did well to make sure you would play through NSBU and have a better understanding of the Miiverse.



Are you ready to be frightened? Or perhaps just feel very tense and maybe sweat a bit? ZombiU is a tough game that requires patience at points and hustle at other times. You need to think about your actions, the path your taking, and if what you are doing is smart.

ZombiU is a very realistic zombie game in that it challenges you to make smart decisions. These zombies can hear what you’re doing and will react to you.


Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed

Also available on the 3DS, PS3, Vita, and 360.

The Wii U and Vita versions of Transformed are the best ones. They are subtitles “Bonus Edition” which means you get extra racers and goodies. Aside from that this Sega branded kart racer is a great game! Your kart will transform depending on what surface you are on: land, sea, or air. The tracks were done with smart design, the music is fun, and the racers make the game diverse. All you can ask for in a kart game, really.

Will we wait for Mario Kart U to release this game is a great alternative and may even continue to rival Mario’s racer when it eventually comes out.



Xbox 360

Late bloomer to the 360, huh? No worries. You’ll find plenty of games to get for this console. It may not have the best exclusives but it has nearly everything else. There’s a great selection available for the 360 but I think you need to pick up these three first.


Halo 4

If you’re looking for a game to play by yourself, with friends, against strangers, or challenge yourself then Halo 4 has everything you are looking for. The campaign is very solid and if you haven’t played a Halo game before there is a console right at the beginning that brings you up to speed. That coupled with great multiplayer options makes this a must buy.

Halo 4 is actually the seventh game to release for this series but if you haven’t played a Halo game yet, then you either have bad friends or just have been living under a rock. That’s okay, though! You’ll be caught up to speed very quickly in Halo 4.


Sleeping Dogs

Also available on the PC and PS3.

This was a sleeper hit in 2012 but it shouldn’t be missed. If you like GTA-type games then you need to pick up Sleeping Dogs. Just think of a big open world game like GTA but with a bit less to do and an amazing story to experience.

I may have said a bit less to do but trust me, there’s still plenty. This game just handles extra tasks, missions, and side stuff much better than any GTA game. I never felt overwhelmed in Sleeping Dogs. I kept on task and still had plenty of fun outside of missions.


The Walking Dead

Also available on iOS, PC, and PS3.

Even if you aren’t a point-and-click adventure fan, you shouldn’t miss out on Telltale’s zombie series. This game is racking up some Game of the Year awards for its intense story, emotional events, expert gameplay, and how faithful it is to the comic series.

Don’t worry if you never got into the TV show, this has nothing to do with that. Just sit down, turn the lights down, and enjoy the experience.



Handheld Gaming



Just get a DS? That’s alright because you have an absolutely gigantic selection of games to choose from. All of these are also playable on the 3DS so be wary of that while you shop. The DS was a massive hit and developer support was everywhere. You’ll find a game you like no matter what genre or age group you’re in.


Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver

If you’ve been a fan of Pokemon then you know Gold and Silver were huge games. Well they’re back and even better then before. With two regions to explore, 16 gym badges, hundreds and hundreds of Pokemon to capture, and plenty of new features these versions are the best Pokemon games for the value.

If you never played a Pokemon before, this is a great place to jump on. It isn’t the original versions but Gold and Silver built upon what made the first two Pokemon games great and these remakes make those classic games even better.


Super Mario 64 DS

One of the first games that came out for the DS is still one of the best. They took the classic Mario 64 from Nintendo 64 and added more to it to make it even better and bigger. If you missed out on Mario 64 back in the day you need this game. If you played it back then perhaps you should still pick it up and experience it again.

Nintendo did a great job at showing off how powerful the DS could be with Super Mario 64 DS. It’s a great first game to own for your new handheld.


Dragon Quest IX; Sentinels of the Starry Skies

If you’re an RPG nut, then just buy this. I really shouldn’t have to get into details for this game but I’ll just say that DQ9 is an absolutely huge handheld game. It is literally blistering with content. While the story isn’t a masterpiece, you won’t be worried about that when you’re completely sucked into the game mechanics.

This is the best RPG for the DS bar none. It is the biggest game for the console and while you won’t be moved by the story you’ll be entrenched with the characters, crafting, and team building.




Did you unwrap a 3DS or 3DS XL? Nice. This console has a lot out right now but it has slowed down in releases. Expect a horde of games to be coming out in 2013 but right now you’ll be plenty content with what’s already available.


Mario Kart 7

There’s just something about a Mario Kart game that is just so fun and enduring. You can play this game until Mario Kart U or 8 comes out and still be having fun. This is a simple game to play but has a lot to offer. It’s a great purchase for the 3DS.

Mario Kart games are great for all ages. Just don’t be a game hog and share the fun!


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

This game came out pretty close to launch for the 3DS and years down the road you’re still going to see this being suggested for purchase. Ocarina of Time is one of the best Zelda games and one of the best games of all time. If that doesn’t make you pull your wallet out, I don’t know what will. Just get it and experience it either for the first time or again with the graphics.

Plus, the more people who buy OoT 3D the more chance we have of seeing Majora’s Mask 3D actually happen!


Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who isn’t fully or at least partially caught up with the Kingdom Hearts series but even still, it is a great game for the 3DS. The 3D effects are great and when coupled with a Cirple Pad Pro the controls are amazing. The story is good and the characters are great. This is a full blown handheld Kingdom Hearts game for a Nintendo portable console.

If you are knowledgeable about Kingdom Hearts then you need to pick this game up. This may bridge the series to Kingdom Hearts 3.




The Vita is red hot right now. There has been big release after big release recently and with 2013 just around the corner, the release list should triple in size with develop support. Right now there are a bunch of great games to pick up for this powerful handheld. These are the three you shouldn’t pass up.


Persona 4 Golden

This is the first game I gave a 10 out of 10 review score for. Persona 4 Golden is a huge game and contains so much new stuff over the original version that I suggest both new comers and veterans of Inaba to pick this game up and experience such a wonderful game.

This RPG will last you a long time and you’ll walk away with an experience you’ll never forget.


Uncharted: Golden Abyss

This is a full game, yes. However, I also look at it as the biggest tech demo in gaming history. Golden Abyss feels like an Uncharted game and Drake is here in full portable glory but you’ll also walk away feeling like you know everything that the Vita has and can do.

Oh, and it’s also actually a pretty fun game! It’s a good addition to the Uncharted series and a great game to start your Vita experience with.


Gravity Rush

Want an action RPG with comic style design and intriguing story? Gravity Rush is your choice. This is a great game on the Vita and really showcases some strengths. The characters, story, and combat are all top notch here and really fun. You’ll spend plenty of time on this gem.

You could just get a PS Plus subscription and get both this and Uncharted along with it but I still list it as a game you should be playing on your new Vita.




Mobile Gaming



Did you get a Galaxy S III, HTC One X, or one of the other hundreds of Android phones? Well you’re in luck because the Google Play store is primed with good games to download.


Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery

Also available on iOS.

This may have been out on iOS for quite awhile but if you never owned an iOS device you need to get Superbrothers. This is a very well designed game that is just as much relaxing as it is intriguing. Don’t miss out on this great adventure.


Final Fantasy Dimensions

Also available on iOS.

This recent Final Fantasy release brings back plenty of old school memories as it mimics a classic FF game perfectly. While a bit expensive for a mobile game, look at it this way: it’s a mobile exclusive, it’s new, it isn’t a port. I think it is worth the price and the gameplay and story are a good experience.


Marvel War of Heroes

Also available on iOS.

Card games are huge on Android. These can always be found on the Top Grossing section of the Google Play store and Marvel’s is no slouch amongst the competition. This is a fast-paced card game featuring all the heroes you know and love. Plus, the base game is free!

Be sure to check out the user reviews on Google Play for free codes to unlock cards and currency to start you out.




Recipient of an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad? You know have access to the biggest app store in the world. There are tons of games to choose from and some of them contain the highest quality found for mobile gaming.


Angry Birds Star Wars

Also available on Android, Kindle Fire, PC, Windows 8/RT, and Windows Phone.

This is the best Angry Birds game yet. The birds will actually evolve as the story progresses and the stages are very well designed. It can be challenging and it can be a fun experience. Angry Birds has always been a leisure game but if you’re a fan of Star Wars you might find yourself stuck playing this for hours on end.


Final Fantasy IV

For $16 you get the DS version of Final Fantasy IV. A quick look on Amazon has a used copy for $17 after shipping. The DS version has great 3D graphics, voice acting, and a greater challenge than the other versions. This is a huge game, one of the best Final Fantasies, and a game you can’t pass up on the App Store.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary

Vice City is the fan favorite game in the series, even if it isn’t the biggest or most content packed. This game was exciting, fun, and hilarious. Now couple that with updated graphics and iTunes playlist support and you got yourself a new trip in Vice City. Also, for $5 this is a ton of content for a mobile game at that price.



Windows Phone

With the release of Windows Phone 8, the WP platform is very strong and the app store is growing at a good rate. You have the least selection out of the mobile platforms but you also have a bunch of Xbox Live-enabled games with achievements. Good trade-off?



This is a highly addictive word game. Think Scramble With Friends but with better presentation, don’t hog up your battery, and performs much better. Plus you can get achievements and games are quick enough that it keeps you playing and playing.


Final Fantasy

Experience the Dawn of Souls edition of the first Final Fantasy with the added bonus of achievements. The first game in the franchise is still fun to play and boasts plenty of challenge.


Pac-Man CE DX

Ever play this on the 360? The CE DX release of Pac-Man is superb and received tremendous response when it first came out. Now you can play it mobile on the Windows Phone with achievements.