Bioshock Infinite’s Reversible Cover Revealed

Irrational has today revealed the winner of the public vote for Bioshock Infinite’s reversible cover on their official blog.

The selected cover, above, received 38% of the vote and will be printed on the reverse side of the inlay for all copies of BioShock Infinite.

The vote was announced following controversy surrounding the default cover, below, which relegated the game’s female AI companion, Elizabeth, to the rear of the package.

Ken Levine defended the cover telling Wired that: “There are plenty of products that I buy that I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about. My salad dressing. If there’s a new salad dressing coming out, I would have no idea. I use salad dressing; I don’t read Salad Dressing Weekly. I don’t care who makes it, I don’t know any of the personalities in the salad dressing business.”

He continued: “I wanted the uninformed, the person who doesn’t read IGN… to pick up the box and say, okay, this looks kind of cool, let me turn it over. Oh, a flying city. Look at this girl, Elizabeth on the back. Look at that creature. And start to read about it, start to think about it.”

Bioshock Infinite will be released on PS3, PC and Xbox 360 on March 26th 2013.

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