11 Forgotten Games And Series That Need A Return In 2013

Not every game is lucky enough to get an HD port, sequel, or even just a re-release on digital platforms. Some of these can be played on Steam or Xbox Live but instead of a dinky post, why not a sequel? Why not a reboot? These games are just primed for rebirth in 2013.

Be it a re-imagining of an old conception or a new direction completely these 11 games need some attention again.


Blake Stone

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What? Don’t remember Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold? Well, I wouldn’t blame you, really. It was buried under the greatness of Wolfenstein, Doom, and Duke Nukem. Still, Blake Stone was a fun game with some interesting things going for it during that time. Enemies would pick up ammo and reload if they ran out. The boss would show up randomly and try to kill you only to teleport out when you decided to fight back. The enemies ranged from soldiers to crazy alien concepts.

Needless to say, a new Blake Stone with gameplay reminiscent of the days of old would actually be pretty awesome. That gameplay has pretty much died out and while the other franchises I named above have moved on to greener pastures, let’s keep Blake Stone looking pretty in the past.




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Sadly, this is most likely never going to happen. Rare has been quiet and frustrating over the recent years but it is fun to think back to Conker.

I didn’t have many game restrictions when I was a kid yet the one game I was never allowed to get was Conker’s Bad Fur Day. That was the ultimate game of spoofs, vulgarity, and adult humor. It was remade for the Xbox back in 2005 but we could use a new game with the foul mouthed squirrel. There are plenty of movies, games, TV shows, comics, and more to make fun of since it has been 11 years since Bad Fur Day.

This would likely be a controversial release but if someone pulled it off right, it would recapture what made Bad Fur Day such a successful back in the N64 days.



Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

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Sorry Kain fans but Raziel’s gameplay and story is much cooler. Soul Reaver was a hit series back during the PS1 era and sadly died after Defiance merged that and Kain’s series.

Soul Reaver was an interesting concept as it had a lot of gameplay mechanics that melded very well back then. The inclusion of spectral realm and the heavy hitting revenge formula was a welcome sight during the PS1 days. Defiance was a good game, too. I still wonder why this franchise died out. I still remember arguing with some friends about who was cooler: Kain or Raziel?

It does seem that Raziel is the fan favorite, however. That leaves Soul Reaver as the best candidate to return in 2013. Or perhaps a reboot featuring the dual stories like Defiance?



The Lost Vikings

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Wait a minute, there’s a fourth universe from Blizzard Entertainment?!

Well, no, not really. I wouldn’t go as far to say that The Lost Vikings is big enough to throw in the pool with Diablo, StarCraft, and WarCraft, however, it was a fun game. There were two Lost Vikings games for the Super Nintendo but since then the characters and series has turned into random cameos and mentions in newer Blizzard games.

The Lost Vikings should get a return for two reasons: 1) the games were fun and switching between the three Vikings to use their strengths was a fun concept that Trine does very well these days, and 2) because Blizzard has so few releases that having a presence on the handhelds would do good for them. There’s always that one guy who mentions The Lost Vikings whenever Blizzard announces a new game or an outlook of releases during an earnings call. There are fans. Or, most likely, just people who know the name and think it’s funny to mention it.




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Myst apparently ended in 2005 with End of Ages but can you imagine this making a return with a new engine and absolutely amazing backdrop art? Myst is the sort of game that be ported to any, and I mean any, console or gaming device. This would be on handhelds, tablets, phones, and even Linux.

These games always took my mind for a spin and sometimes I even quit them because of how hard they can be. Then I’d go back years later, figure it out, then get stuck again. The Myst series is really a brain buster and a lesson in patience and using your logic, surroundings, and memory.

If they did reboot this, I’d like to see a character with a story, voice, and reason to go on. Characterization was the one thing I always felt Myst lacked. I just felt like a random guy who went around figuring crap out.



Panzer Dragoon

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Talk about a unique and beloved retro series. Flying on dragons as you shoot down a ton of crap in a bunch of on-rails levels is what Panzer Dragoon does best. The series also holds one of the rarest RPG releases in gaming history with Panzer Dragoon Saga. Both gameplay styles are very good and it still makes me wonder why Saga hasn’t be ported to current gen consoles yet. I can see them reluctant to do so since that may harm the value of the game.

This is a praised yet forgotten series. We haven’t seen Panzer Dragoon since Orta came out as an Xbox title in 2003. Whether they decide to bring back the series with the on-rails gameplay or the RPG, I’m sure fans would be ecstatic to see it happen.



Planescape: Torment

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When I think back to games like Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Temple of Elemental Evil, and the likes, the one game that strikes me the most is Planescape: Torment. This game was absolutely out of this world. Littered with dark themes, a crazy but amazing story, interesting characters, and a difficulty that will tear you up if you make a wrong move, the Planescape campaign setting needs a return to gaming.

Take the Dragon Age engine but just put in the world of Planescape and you’ll instantly have a game that would be tough to forget after you play it. Seeing that world in full 3D and HD graphics would be horrifying and beautiful.

Torment came out back in 1999 and nothing from that world has been heard of since in gaming. It’s time to change that in 2013.



Power Stone

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One of Capcom’s long forgotten franchises (Mega Man, please survive!). Power Stone was last seen in a bundle re-release on the PSP. These fighting games were so much fun. Running around in 3D arenas collecting as many Power Stones are possible while pummeling your opponent usually amounted in craziness. Everyone was running around collecting and attacking. Pure. Mayhem.

Power Stone 3 would be almost like a more light-hearted Soul Calibur with a “coin” system. Count me in.



Roller Coaster Tycoon

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I spent many a hour building my own theme parks and watching riders fall off the track to their dea– I mean, building parks and letting my virtual patrons enjoy their time and leave happy. 🙂

I never got into the 3D Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. If this series came back I’d love to see it in the old style of the first two games. There was a certain charm to them as you tried to keep your park afloat and placing extra bathrooms because you just built a new food court and your new coaster made the people want to vomit. Also, you can never have enough trashcans!



Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

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I doubt many of you have played this game let alone heard of it. I found Shogo years ago in the discount jewel case section in a Wal-Mart. Yeah, good times.

Shogo is an anime-style first-person shooter that featured gameplay from the aspect of your main character on foot with guns and in giant mechs with awesome artillery. The story was actually a bit emotional and filled with personal loss and wartime turmoil. It was interesting how Shogo attempted to fused the anime art style with a traditional first-person aspect. Given that this was attempted back in 1998, I feel that a new Shogo game would do quite well with today’s technology.



Star Wars: TIE Fighter/X-Wing

A fan favorite and all around awesome game, TIE Fighter is much more notable than X-Wing. This game featured characters from both the original trilogy and the expanded universe. Having Admiral Thrawn in this game was so awesome for fans of Timothy Zahn’s novels.

The gameplay here was tight and gave a very accurate portrayal of how a TIE Fighter pilot’s missions would go. The story was very interesting to see unfold, especially the state of the Empire as you go forward. With today’s technology is there any doubt that a new TIE Fighter game would be amazing?




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