Zynga Shutting Down Japan Operations

According to Japanese mobile and social consultant SerkanToto, Zynga’s CEO of Japan operations, Kenji Matsubara, has announced that the company’s Japanese offices will be shutting its doors by the end of January.

Matsubara’s Facebook status, as translated by Dr. Serkan Toto, reads that Zynga Japan will shut down at the end of January. Matusabara thanked users for playing the company’s games and added that the service for card battle game Ayakashi will continue.

Furthermore Zynga’s Japanese website has also been updated with the following message, translated very roughly via Google:

“ Notice of dissolution of a Japanese corporation

Thank you for patronizing always Zynga Japan.

that we will continue to work but I get the kindness of everybody over two and a half years since its establishment as the Japanese subsidiary of U.S. company Zynga, to dissolve the corporation Womochimashite Japan January 31, 2013 due to various reasons became.

I would like to thank deeply from my heart to everyone, including the customer who enjoys the title of our past, we received your support.

Because we will continue to service beyond January 31, 2013 “Yin Ayakashi record” has gotten (and Android version of iOS) well received, thank you for your continued patronage and support.”

This year hasn’t been kind to Zynga, with the company caught in a spiral of closures, layoffs and lawsuits after seeing their stock plumet. In October, Zynga laid off 5 percent of its staff and ceased development of 13 games. Most recently, Zynga’s Marc Pincus was listed as one of the worst CEOs in 2012.

Via: [Polygon] Source: [SerkanToto]

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