Will Ubisoft End Our World?

When I first began playing Assassins Creed 3, I, like all other gamers, was reminded that the Assassins Creed doomsday prophecy was all based around December 21st, 2012. Now, if that date sounds familiar it is because that is today’s date! If you’re reading this, congrats, you’re not dead, which hopefully means I am not dead. Or, not quite dead.

Well, I guess it is possible you are holding on to your gaming systems dearly while the world is melting around you, but I think you’re doing okay at the moment. Anyway, from that day on I have questioned whether or not Ubisoft was going to do anything unique with the game for this special occasion. Even if just for the one day, how amazing would it be to get a world-ending treat from the developers?

I would suggest a one time DLC for one day that would take the beautiful environments of AC3 and simply…burn them. Could you imagine running through New York as Conner while meteors smash buildings to timber and the sky glows orange? How amazing would it be to have naval warfare while the sea turned red and boiled beneath the ships? I know this is quite the hefty demand, and a lot to do for a fantasy DLC, but why not take advantage of the opportunity? I think gaming developers like Ubisoft should desire to have this kind of impact on gamer’s lives. I don’t think I would ever forget that one day in my life where I got to experience the world ending because a gaming company took it upon themselves to have fun with the world they have created.

And isnt that the best part? This is Ubisoft’s world. This is the world of Assassins Creed that has long ago based their storyline around today’s date. One of my most enjoyable experiences with Arkham City was visiting the Calendar Man each holiday and getting a new poem read to me. Small interactions like this are often the most exciting parts of video games because they are seemingly unexpected and actually have a window of time to be noticed.

I have already made a plan to keep checking AC3 all day to see if anything special happens, but I also know information would have been leaked by now if there was a plan in place.

All I am asking for is a little fire, a little brimstone. Would it be so bad to give us a little bit of doom?

However, there are still some hours left in the day. Maybe I will still get one or the other. Until then, I will continue to look up to the sky for our impending doom while frequent glances at the AC3 title screen in hopes a DLC entitled “The World Ends” prompts me for download.

Any other apocalypse requests? Which games would you like to play while experiencing the end of the world?