Atlus Reveals a Third Person Shooter Titled God Mode

Atlus is going outside their usual comfort zone with God Mode, a downloadable third person shooter set to release in early 2013 on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.  God Mode is going to be developed by Old School Games with Atlus publishing it.

Atlus is most famous for the Persona franchise, a wildly popular JRPG, so it’s refreshing to see a Japanese company tackle a very western orientated genre in the third person shooter.  God Mode will have is fair share of RPG elements, with things such as customizable characters and upgradeable weapons, as well as full 4 player cooperative play.

It’s really cool to see a Japanese game developer go out and push the boundaries a little bit.  Atlus is known for games that are typically for niche audiences, such as Trauma Center and Catherine, but it seems they are trying to target different view with God Mode.