6 Things I Love About Pokemon White 2

by: Bowen M.

Pokemon White 2 is a sequel to the original Pokemon White. The game takes place 2 years after the original, and while it might seem like a repeat for extra money, after spending 80 hours with the game I feel it is a brand new experience. Here are 6 things I love about Pokemon White 2:


The Pokemon animations were introduced as early as Pokemon Crystal and brought back in Emerald, but before then, Pokemon moving in the battle itself was unheard of. Sure, they might raise an arm or flap their wings, but constantly moving was introduced in White and Black. Now they have trainer animations before the battle, and certain Pokemon even have new animations. The animations make the game more realistic and dynamic, giving me something more to look at than still sprites.


The story starts like any other Pokemon game; you are introduced to the bad guys, who happen to be the returning Team Plasma. But while Team Plasma makes a return, they are under control of Ghetsis instead of N, who now has a team of ex-Plasma members helping you on the journey throughout the Unova region. The story is simple, but it captures your attention. It’s an easy game to relax to, and the story line is interesting and easy enough to follow while you’re playing.


Pokemon Black and White revolved around Reshiram (Black) and Zekrom (White), however, Kyurem plays a big part of Team Plasma’s evildoing in Unova, such as freezing the landscape in Opelucid City and stealing Hugh’s sister’s Purrloin. He is powerful, has a unique look, and is the rare combination of being both an ice and dragon-type Pokemon. Because of this, I think Kyurem is a great addition and deserves a spotlight in the story line.


Unova has changed a lot while you were gone. There are six new towns, and even the old ones have changed. Most of them only slightly, but new features like the Marine Tube in Undella Town have been added to the game. The Marine Tube I enjoy, because it shows Pokemon swimming underwater, and at different times during the day (real time, not game time) you see different Pokemon swimming around.

Season changes are also noticeable in towns like Icirrus City. They make the game feel more alive and bring a sense of reality to all the cities.

Another neat feature is the White Forest. I’ve seen the White Forest, and it’s been improved since the first White. It’s had a lot more added to it instead of being a bunch of trees with a few houses scattered through the woods. Now, it’s more well-developed with a lot of depth.


Say you’re walking in Lostlorn Forest and you see a patch of greens in between two trees. You look at it, press “A”, and you’re asked if you want to go inside. Say yes, and you will walk along a short grassy path and find a Pokemon sitting there inside a small open path with sticks on the floor and trees around you. Congrats! You have just found a grotto.

Grottoes are scattered around Unova and you have a chance of finding an item or Pokemon in them. Grottoes reset every day, so make sure you search all of them for new surprises.


I enjoy some of the environments of White 2, because they have a sense of life to them. Like I said before, the changing of the seasons adds realism, as you might find a pile of snow in the winter or a patch of dirt in the springtime. In some places, you can spot the occasional leaf flutter across the screen, and the caves have more detail and structures like overhangs, textures, and rocks. I like that they added some smaller details to the environments in White 2 and went all out to make things more realistic.

Looking back to the original Pokemon games, I think Game Freak has come a long way with the Pokemon series, and it continues to be a great game franchise today. White 2 is a new and improved Pokemon game far better than its predecessor, and is one of my all time favorite Pokemon games.

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  1. Ron Hoffecker

    Grottoes were an awesome addition. Such a small thing but it made going through the routes more fun due to trying to find them.

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