Game Pitch: Final Fantasy VII-2 for the PlayStation 3

Game Pitch is a series on Leviathyn where we come up with ideas for a new game for an existing series or title. This could be a sequel, a reboot, or a side story featured a supporting character. Whatever we come up for Game Pitch is all in our heads and wishful thinking. These are not real games! That being said, have some fun with our imagined games and feel free to critique or come up with your own cool ideas in the comments below.


Note: before we begin, yes, I made that logo and a 1440×900 wallpaper version is below after the game pitch. Enjoy!


Title: Final Fantasy VII-2
Series: Final Fantasy
Platform: PlayStation 3



Hidden deep within the world an evil stirs.

He has returned.

Three years after the events of FINAL FANTASY VII: DIRGE OF CERBERUS a strange energy storm has appeared over Midgar. The phenomenon has attracted monsters to the city and our heroes have heeded the call for help. Cloud and the members of Avalanche have rejoined to combat this strange event. Unbeknownst to them, at the center of the storm rests an awakened evil who has vowed revenge on those who would harm the world.


Cloud’s ultimate test is at hand as his past and that of his old friend Zach clash with this once thought dead enemy. Genesis is harvesting energy and spreading storms all over the world. It’s up to Avalanche to stop him before the world once again becomes endangered.


Selling Points:

  • THE CONCLUSION OF THE FINAL FANTASY VII STORY: Follow Cloud, Tifa, Vincent, and the entire team as they journey once more against the forces of evil. Master everyone’s Fate as they stride to save their world one last time.
  • NEW MATERIA SYSTEM: The Lifestream has chosen our heroes to be its saviors this time. With a revamped Materia system mixed together with the brand new Fate system, empower your heroes with skills, magics, and abilities that you’ve never seen before.
  • INTRODUCING THE FATE SYSTEM: Every hero has a fate. In Final Fantasy VII-2 you get to control it. The Fate system allows you to further the capabilities of your heroes by helping them continue on through the darkness. Forge bonds with your team and learn more about them as they seek your help.


More Information:

I always see people talking about a remake for Final Fantasy VII. Hell, I want one myself. However, the story here isn’t finish and I think it wouldn’t be worth Square-Enix’s time to work on a remake when Cloud’s journey isn’t done.

At the end of Dirge of Cerberus we saw Genesis return. In Crisis Core we witnessed Genesis’ downfall. With Final Fantasy VII-2, I fast forwarded a few years to give Genesis some time to build up his plan and power. I want this sequel to be just as heart-pounding and exciting as the original game was. Genesis’ plot has to be big enough to scare the planet (which, as we know, in Final Fantasy VII can think for itself) into doing something desperate.

I took a few themes from other games like Final Fantasy XIII and Mass Effect. Our heroes will be “chosen” by the planet to represent it in the battle against Genesis. Since the Weapons are gone, the planet needs to look at its best replacement and who has more power than Cloud and the gang aside from the bad guy?

The Fate system also represents a new dynamic for Final Fantasy. I took this system from Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Persona, etc. You’ll have chances to talk to, encourage, get to know, and help your team members. Cloud will need everyone’s best for the battle ahead and while he already has their loyalty, he needs to help them all realize their Fate. By initiating events with your crew you can trigger Fate Events which will either raise or lower their Fate Counter. Once it reaches a certain amount, they will realize their fate and become even more powerful. This is a tool to get everyone to feel closer to the characters of Final Fantasy VII and to have Cloud show his maturity since the Sephiroth incident as a true leader and friend.



The Final Fantasy VII sub-series has had plenty of tragedies. With Genesis, Sephiroth, and Weiss trying to do their part in harming the planet and its citizens, there’s just bound to be one more trial up ahead. After Genesis was revived during the Omega incident (Dirge of Cerberus) he spends three years of isolation deep within the Northern Crater where Sephiroth was. His time spent that close to the Lifestream and harnessing its power turned him beyond insane. He now believes that in order to save the planet from its eventual harm and destruction, Genesis must destroy it and fuse with the Lifestream to keep it safe.

In order to do this, Genesis must destroy the “shell” of the planet, the surface world. Using immense energy storms, Genesis begins his plan by first heading to Midgar. His storm ceases thanks to the efforts of Cloud and Avalanche. Genesis remembers Cloud but with further examination calls him Zach, instead. Mistaking Cloud for Zach, Genesis tries to kill Cloud but the closing of the storm above Midgar stops his assault and he departs.

The team decides that Genesis must be stopped and follows him.

When the team reaches the Northern Crater, a giant explosion of Lifestream energy erupts and the crater is destroyed. Genesis emerges from the erupting stream and challenges the team to stop him. A battle ensues but quickly turns sour for the heroes. A voice is heard and the world begins to quake. The Lifestream that is bursting out from the Northern Crater stops and a bright light shines from below. The planet then speaks to Cloud and the rest of Avalanche. It tells them that they have been chosen to save it from Genesis. Empowered by the planet, the team attacks Genesis but he escapes the onslaught.

With the blessing of the planet they once saved, Avalanche forms again and vows to end Genesis.



I don’t want to stray too far away from what made Final Fantasy VII so moved. However, that PS3 tech demo and what the franchise has become are a bit too much to ignore now. I think combining what Dirge of Cerberus did in terms of the style a VII game can be presented in and mixing a bit of XIII in there for a modern, yet fan friendly, style would be fine. We already know what our heroes look like in full 3D, CGI and full size so this shouldn’t upset too many people. Unfortunately that means no more block hands.

The combat should be a highly cinematic ATB-style turn-based system. Bring back the original combat system but make every battle seem intense with a cinematic flair. I want battles against Chocobos and Guards to be just as intense as ones with Behemoths, Iron Giants, and Green Dragons. I feel that a cinematic presentation to combat would spruce things up and make players want to battle anything just to see how the combat flows every time.

The materia system, although in the Selling Points says it is revamped, it won’t stray far from the tried-and-true formula from the original Final Fantasy VII. I enjoyed mixing and matching materia on weapons and armor while being penalized for attaching too much or risking a character being too weak in battle due to not enough skills and abilities. What I would add is a new slot for special materia. Instead of using the bangles and other accessories as the armor slots, it will be changed to actual armor. You can go and buy/find and equip actual armors (such as Steel Armor, Titan Armor, etc.) and that will encompass the armor slots for materia.

So what about bangles and accessories? Those will be rarer. I think adding a number of special materia slots while facing risks for equipping accessories (such as Increased poison susceptibility or lowered defense) would make for interesting choices for players.

What is special materia? Due to the next crisis, the planet has left special weapons for our heroes to find scattered around the world. These Planetouched items are rare and most of them must be gotten through trials or obtaining other items to help get you to them. Planetouched items can be one-time use items (Hero’s Drink), weapons, armor, accessories, and even materia. Planetouched Materia come in all different types such as summons, skills, support, etc. They cannot be grown through AP but they are immensely powerful.

Planetouched Materia can only be equipped in accessories. Though you can always equip normal materia in accessories while you wait to find some Planetouched.

Aside from the new materia system additions, chocobo races will return and so will the Gold Saucer. The Saucer has been upgraded since our heroes last went there and there will be a ton more attractions and trials for everyone to have fun with.

I want the entire world to be accessible just like the original game. There were always fun and hidden places to go to that held some sort of awesome reward at the end of them and that needs to be back.

The world of Final Fantasy VII is full of places to go to and hide things. There needs to be tons of unlockables and hidden items, summons, and places that will test the strength of your party (like the Ancient Forest).


So what do you think about my pitch for Final Fantasy VII-2? Is this a sequel you’d like to see? Would you change it up in any way? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time, keep the creativity alive!


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