The Best Gadgets For The Holiday Gamer

With Christmas merely a week away, people are frantically dashing around to gather those last few remaining gifts. Stumped for ideas? Want to add something awesome to your wish list just in the nick of time? Well look no further, here I’ve compiled my top 5 gadgets for any gamer this holiday season. Remember that clinking the titles will take you to a website that stocks them. Enjoy.

5. Venom Pyramid Dual Charger

For any PS3 user the continuous bug bare of a low battery controller is an apparent problem. The good people at Venom have formulated a stylish solution to this problem. The Venom Pyramid is a modern and sleek designed charging hub for up to two PS3 controllers and is powered completely via USB. This will keep the gamers controllers ready for use all the time, news that will bring a smile to any PS3 users face on Christmas day.

4. Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves

It’s cold, your hands are numb and in fact you’ve probably given them up for dead minutes after leaving your front door. Solution? Gloves. But you instantly hit a hurdle, you can’t use your damn smart phone meaning every time you want to check your email etc your poor digits need to fend off the elements again. Well fear no more as is stocking Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves, gloves that have special conductive materials woven into the fabric at the fingertips which reacts with the screen of your Smartphone! Keep your fingers toastie and tell everybody on twitter about it at the same time. The Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves also come in a fashionable range of designs and colors.

3. Turtle Beach Ear force X42 Gaming Headset

These are high end headsets for both Xbox 360 and PS3 from the clever folks at Turtle Beach. The X42 wireless sets throw you into the middle of the action with 3D audio environment and Dolby surround technology. With 2.4/5GHz dual band Wi-Fi radio, the X42’s have an unprecedented lack of ping time, offering the smoothest and quickest audio of most headphones. Complete with equalizers to tame the 50mm bass drums and an impressive exterior of black and green the X42’s are music to any holiday gamers ears.

2. Xbox 360’s Kinect

With more and more games coming out with special Kinect versions, such as the highly anticipated Dead Space 3, now is as good a time as any to pick up a Kinect. Complete with voice commands to switch your Xbox on, full body gaming and additional entertainment partners, Kinect takes any Xbox owners console experience to the next level and will make for a brilliant gift.

1.65 Inch ES8000 Series 8 SMART 3D Full HD Slim LED TV

Arguably the most key aspect of gaming is being able to see what you’re doing, graphics of games are coming on leaps and bounds in no space of time so naturally my number one gadget is a Smart Tv. Samsung produces some of the finest tv’s and this one is no exception with its full LED display bringing the reds of gore and the blues of skies to life. True it does have a large price tag but with 3D viewing for enabled games and TV shows, voice controls (not dissimilar to that of the Kinect) and even web browsing, you get what you pay for! Smart Evolution also means your Tv will update and improve via the internet as new updates and tweaks are designed meaning your Tv with “rejuvenate” itself every year. Witness your games in literally a whole new light this Christmas.