Lightning Has A New Look For Final Fantasy XIII-3

Lots of info is beginning to drop for Final Fantasy XIII-3 which is all about Lightning, the first game’s main character. With a trailer expected to hit Japan next week, many publications for the country have started showing the character’s brand new look for the game. The new design was created by Testuya Nomura and looks very different from Lightning’s other looks.

This is her default look but it is reported that there are over 20 new costumes for her to equip in the game.



Other than that, the game seems to be pretty open world allowing Lightning to go where she wants in town and out of it. She can use obstacles to jump off of and even have some sort of stealth. The theme of the game apparently deals with the world’s last 13 days. That’s appropriate for  the last few days remaining on the Mayan calender.

I’m sure we’ll have a lot more info come next week. Stay tuned!

Also, here’s the full version of the featured image that I cropped together quickly on Photoshop. Enjoy Lightning fans!


Click for full size! 800×600