The WarZ Releases on Steam Without Mention of Being In Alpha and Lists Features Not In The Game

The WarZ saga continues and while the last damning claim on the game was abolished after the accuser rescinded his words, this story just keeps on going.

The in-Alpha MMO has just released on Valve’s Steam platform and its description details a game that is out of beta and in full working order. The issue? It obviously isn’t.

The WarZ is in Alpha status right and many features that the game will have are no where in sight. That didn’t stop the team from ensuring the best possible description on Steam to get some buyers off the bat. For anyone who was not be following this game on various websites will not know what they are getting themselves into.

I’m not saying the game isn’t worth buying but the description just does not tell buyers what they are getting. There is no mention of Alpha or even Beta and there are also selling Gold Credits which are in-game currency on the Steam Game page, which can be found here: The WarZ Steam Game Page.

Here is a picture from reddit user Protoman_Eats_Babies (heh..) that shows just how wrong the description is:


Click for full size.

Even the Steam Community Hub for The WarZ doesn’t seem too pleased: http://steamcommunity.com//app/226700

As of this posting, the game page description has not been updated or fixed. We will update this if The WarZ’s team decides to be a bit more forthcoming about their product on the world’s largest digital distributor for video games.



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  1. JohnHeatz

    Actually they have already added some servers with a 100 player cap, not all of the servers are this way, but some have been added, and this is like that due to the survey, in which most of us wanted the server cap to be set to 50 instead of 70-100

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