Razer’s Project Fiona Gaming Tablet Get Some Crowdsourced Opinions on Specs

Razer is making sure their gaming tablet venture is going to be a hit by asking actual gamers what they want.

First, they decided that a Facebook campaing for “likes” would determine if gamers actually wanted this thing or not. Well, turns out they do.

So what do they want in a Fiona of their own? Turns out Razer also wanted to know that, too.

Gamers gathered to tell Razer that having specs close to the prototype (Core i5 or i7, mid-tier dedicated graphics) are fine. They don’t care about weight or thickness as long as they pack in power. Detachable controllers were wanted big time.

Perhaps even more telling was the voted on price tag. Polled gamers told Razer that they would be perfectly alright with a price tag between $1300-$1500 for a Fiona. While a hefty number, is it worth it for a fully portable Windows 8 Pro tablet with attached controllers that can play games like Space Marine, Firefall, and countless other titles?

I’m leaning towards ‘yes’ for myself but time will tell how the Fiona looks when finalized and how many of those who “liked” the Fiona on Facebook will fork out the cash.

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