The Difference Between a Good and a Bad Geek

A Good Geek accepts all different types of Geekiness

I’m a big video game fan, it’s probably the thing that I geek out over the most. But there are all types of geeky things: anime, movies, books, math, science, robots, cartoons, table top games, roleplaying, cosplay, action figures, comic books, trading cards. music… the list goes on and on. If you’re a geek, even if you don’t like or understand other geeky hobbies, you have to appreciate other geeks love for their respective subjects. The bad geek discounts other nerds hobbies and thinks that they’re inferior. We’re all into our own thing, and the good geek respects that.

A Good Geek helps new geeks out

Everyone started out being the new kid on the block. When you found your geeky interest there was already a large community of people that had been into your hobby for years. It’s your job as a good geek to help show the ropes to the newcomers. The bad geek discounts the new guy, and doesn’t want to lend a helping hand to the noob. But the good geek sees potential in new geeks, and is willing to share with them the knowledge that they have. After all, geeks need to stick together, and the only way to do that is to have fresh new people to share your nerdiness with.

A Good Geek is social

There’s the stereotype that all geeks are socially retarded. But frankly that’s just not true. It’s your job as a good geek to find a community of like minded people to share your interests with. If you’re into trading cards find a local spot that people play your game at. If you’re into video games play a game online from time to time, and find an in-game community to be a part of. At the very least find a forum that caters to your geeky audience. The good geek wants to share their geekiness with their peers. The bad geek follows his interests alone.

A Good Geek knows they’re a geek

If you’re a geek you need to know it. To embrace it. To be proud of it. There’s no shame in having hobbies and interests that other people don’t understand. The bad geek has to hide what he’s doing because he’s afraid of what other people think. The bad geek might even discount his own interests, and lie to himself into thinking that he’s not a geek. But the good geek doesn’t care. The good geek isn’t afraid to reveal to the world who he really is.

A Good Geek is more than just a geek

It’s important to know that you’re a geek, and to embrace it. But a good geek is more than just a geek. Geeks are smart, dynamic, and diverse people that can’t be tied down with only one trait. A good geek can wear his geeky clothing, go to geeky conventions, and spend his free time doing geeky things. However, the good geek also has interests outside of the geek world, and ins’t afraid to branch out and live life just like everyone else. The bad geek limits himself to only being a geek, while the good geek can be a functional person with other interests and hobbies.