Ten Unannounced (But Likely) Sequels Worth Waiting For

Who knows what 2013 will hold for us? E3 2013 is looking to be an amazing ride. There are stellar hits from 2011 and 2012 that are begging for announcements. All we can assume is that the next year will be a roller coaster ride for gamers.

That being said, there are ten games I am hoping to see announced. I don’t see any of these doubtful or even impossible. In fact, I am banking on that the notion that all ten of these will see either announcements or the light of day in 2013.

Let’s begin!


Fallout 4

This isn’t the last time you’re going to see me say this during this list, but, can you imagine what this is going to look like with that new engine!? Skyrim more than wow’ed gamers, critics, and even people not even in the hobby/industry. Throw in the post-apocalyptic era and you’re going to find that Fallout 4 (being cleverly marketed with that new engine from Skyrim) may just break the sales record for Bethesda.

I’m expecting an E3 2013 teaser, a VGA trailer, and finally, a release in May 2014. This game is going to be huge and I am so hoping we see a more pertinent role for the aliens. More Wild Wasteland, please!


Final Fantasy XV

Don’t expect to hear about this until around the time Tokyo Games Show is either happening or just about to happen. However, the reason I’m excited about this is because of Agni’s Philosophy. If you don’t remember that title, then you may have missed the bombshell Square-Enix showed off this year for their new Luminous Engine.

Agni’s Philosophy was an exciting teaser but alas, just labeled a tech demo. While Square is remaining very quiet on Final Fantasy XV’s existence, details, and even if Agni will return, I am hoping that what we saw will in fact become the new game in this legendary franchise.

If it does, then count me in fullheartedly.


Gravity Rush 2

As one of the best available PS Vita games, it is hard to think it will be a 0ne shot. The response to Gravity Rush was great and the main character is even going to be released for PS All-Stars. It is obvious that the game is a hit and a sequel isn’t too far behind, I expect.

We should see something about this during E3 2013 and I’m sure Kat will be back. I’m also expecting the sequel to be a bigger story and a better flow with the gameplay. I found the speed from standing, to floating, to twist, to targeting, to flinging through the air, and finally landing to be iffy.


Kingdom Hearts 3

We know the story will continue and thanks to Dream Drop Distance we are even closer to this much anticipated sequel. As soon as the usual team is free from their prison (Final Fantasy Versus XIII) then development will either begin or get faster.

I’d say that we’ll finally see a teaser during TGS next year. It will serve well to get the Kingdom Hearts marketing machine and hype train moving at full speed before its eventual release in 2015. That’s par for course with Square, right?


Mega Man X9

What a minute… A Mega Man X sequel? “Likely”? Hah! Yeah, right?

Listen, I’m trying to keep myself optimistic with this 25th Anniversary, alright? I have to mention X9 or I’ll start hating on Capcom again.

X8 left off on a huge cliffhanger dealing with Axl and if it leads to where I hope it does, then I need X9 ASAP. The series is long running hasn’t seen a release since 2004 and, while the whole franchise really is, the X series is overdue.


Metroid Prime U

Nintendo will surely return to a “tried-and-true” formula after Other M. The only logical course? Prime. With the Wii U’s Gamepad there are some great gameplay mechanics that come be a part of this title. I can already see using the Gamepad screen only for when Samus turns into the ball. Switching armors on the fly with the screen would also be helpful as the Prime menus were somewhat cumbersome.

Either way, this seems like a no-brainer to me. Prime needs to return and bring Samus back to glory. Corruption was an amazing game and if they follow that with another equally dark storyline, then they are set.


Red Dead Redemption 2

Just imagine for a second, okay? Just sit there and think about a Red Dead game with GTA V’s engine and effort. Holy. Crap.

I’d love to see the next Red Dead head to the Gold Rush. I think that’s a prime time era for something that Rockstar could shake up. Of course, there has to be another supernatural DLC package like Undead nightmare. That was, perhaps, one of the best DLC releases ever.

The main character is where I’m worried about though. John Marston was a great character. I hope they can come up with someone to reach the heights of characterization that John did.


Resident Evil 7

As said in my review, I really enjoyed Resident Evil 6. I took the game for what it was: an action game depicting the next step in the story for the main character. Now, I want to know what can possibly come next.

Resident Evil 7 is going to have to be huge. I don’t think Capcom can go from seven main characters to just one. I have a feeling the one character RE games will only be found on handhelds from here on out. That means we’re going to see multiple storylines and global tragedies a lot more from the Resident Evil franchise.

I’m in.


Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5

After the near 8-hour adventure I spent in the world of Persona 4 recently, I am hyped and ready for Persona 5. While I would love to see a continuation featuring the characters from P4, I know that’s not the MO of Atlus.

I am hoping for a shake up in how Personas are used in P5. I was thinking along the lines of using them as battle suits. I’m talking about when a Persona user summons a Persona they literally control their Persona and you fight as them. Since the main character is always a Wild Card and can change Personas, that would mean your stats and abilities change mid-fight more drastically than before. Either way, I want this game now.


Sleeping Dogs 2

This was going to be my game of the year before Persona 4 Golden released. Sleeping Dogs is an amazing game and while I think it is kind of hard to follow up such a story, I hope they try. The thing is, they’re going have to really try.

Sleeping Dogs was such a heart-pounding adventure with amazing characters that I don’t really know if you can follow it up with something equal or better. You can’t use Wei Shen again. He’s been made. You’d have to just make the game without Wei Shen’s story ever happening in the game world. While that’s really not a problem, I’d love to see an aftereffect of what Wei did in the game world of Sleeping Dogs 2.



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