Gorgeous Detail Featured In “Luminous Studio” Tech Demo

Most of you by now will be familiar with the amazing Angi’s Philosophy demonstration at this years E3. A stunning presentation by Square Enix  which showed off next-gen style graphics and incredible rendering power, crafted by the hands of their brand new engine called Luminous Studio.

Two demonstration videos were released by the developers on Saturday, giving us a good look at the precision and flexibility of how the engine displays various objects. In this case, you can see the simple yet very detailed customization of two character models. The videos show off the changing of hair styles, skin tone, clothing, and even the amount of sweat on the characters faces in real time. If this is what Square Enix will be making our new Final Fantasy titles look like in the near future, then clearly we’re in the right hands. Perhaps we’ll get to see a Final Fantasy game with a customizable main character on the same level as in the two videos? We can only hope.

Check out the videos below :


Source : Joystiq, Youtube