Must Read: New Batman Story Arc “Death of a Family”

As years have gone by and the popularity of Batman continues to grow, one thing stays consistent, the Joker. With Christopher Nolan’s epic The Dark Knight audiences that have been unfamiliar with the darker side of the Joker got a nice little taste. The Joker is evil, cunning, terrifying, clever, and has always adored Batman more than anyone else ever could. DC comics not too long ago did a reboot on many of their largest comic series, called “The New 52”, of which Batman has been rebooted as well. With the reboot comes fresh stories, new arcs, and darker subject matter. Currently, the Batman series has a new story arc called “Death of a Family”, by Scott Snyder, and if you are a fan of the relationship between Batman and Joker, this is one you have to read. In a sense; sh*t is quickly hitting the fan in Batman’s world and Joker is doing the throwing.

The plot of “Death of the Family” follows the Joker’s return to “The New 52” and his pursuit of eliminating all of Batman’s allies which would leave their little world to just the two of them once again. Joker has realized that Batman has built a family of allies that keeps him sane, keeps him good, but Joker wants to rid him of these attachments and allow Batman to slip into madness as Joker has. Again, there is a constant love/hate, adore/despise relationship between these two characters that always plays out as an epic mind battle. Joker’s plan involves his recreating many main story events from their lives such as Barbara Gordon’s being shot, Joker’s fall into the vat of chemicals, and Joker’s poisoning of the water reservoir.

I have finished reading the second issue of this story arc and I have to tell you (no spoilers ahead) I find myself genuinely concerned for Batman and his allies. I have closed issue two with an unexplainable concern for these characters and a creepy fear for the Joker. All in all, I love every second of this story arc. The dark subject matter and beautiful artwork in this series is one to experience. All fans of these two characters must, no exception, buy and read these comics.

The storyline comes from Scott Snyder who has worked with Batman before in the story Night of the Owls. Fans are eager to see what Snyder does with his up-close examination of the Joker and fans have been praising the effort thus far. Not only are we getting this wonderfully dark, vengeful Joker to watch, we are also seeing a deeper side to Batman and his ownership/responsibility to the Joker’s transformation into what he has become.

I urge, beg, demand you all to hunt down this series. There are numerous title tie-in issues that may be worth looking into; Batman and Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman, etc. But, the main Batman series is worthy enough to follow. 

Has anyone out there gotten into this comic yet? What feedback do you have to offer?


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