Final Fantasy VII’s Unofficial Achievement List

Has there ever been a game that has been more requested for a remake?  Seriously Square-Enix.  You’re pumping out sequels to Final Fantasy XIII like it’s the last franchise on Earth.  Is a single Final Fantasy VII-2 too much to ask?  I don’t think so, but if it is, how about we settle for a Final Fantasy VII-(-1).  It will be a prequel, but somehow Cloud is still awesome.  I’ll be honest, I don’t think Square even cares about making sense at this point.

Joking aside, I genuinely don’t understand why we don’t have more FF VII.  Advent Children, Crisis Core and, to a (much) lesser extent, Dirge of Cerberus, were passable, but it seems to me that a full-on sequel, or even a full HD remake, would sell like hotcakes.  If that impossibility ever came to fruition, Super Final Fantasy VII HD Turbo (that’s what it’s called in my head), would obviously need some really cool achievements.  To speed the process along, I’ve taken the liberty of creating said achievements so Square Enix can put those workers to better use.  Here are the names of the achievement, complete with descriptions?

(A * denotes a secret achievement that is shown once completed)

*Start The Revolution (Blew up the Mako Reactor #1) 10 pts.

*Lookin’ Good (Dressed up for Don Corneo) 10 pts.

*It’s Bright Out Here (Left Midgar…for now) 10 pts.

*Catch A Ride! (Captured your first chocobo) 10 pts.

*Vacation Leave (Reached Costa Del Sol) 10 pts.

*Farewell, Old Friend (Defeated Dyne) 10 pts.

*Ghosts of the Past (Cleared the Cave of the Gi) 10 pts.

*Welcome Home (Returned to Nibelheim) 10 pts.

*Like Flamingos (Got the Tiny Bronco) 10 pts.

*Flawed Victory (Retrieved the Keystone) 10 pts.

*Traitor (Handed over the Black Materia) 10 pts.

Laid to Rest (Finished Disc 1) 30 pts.

*Gnarly (Snowboarded down a mountain) 10 pts.

*It’s A Trap! (Freed Tifa from her bondage) 10 pts.

*Back In Charge (Saved Cloud from himself) 10 pts.

*Better In Red (Got a submarine…nice) 10 pts.

*Closure (Defeated, or ignored, the Turks) 10 pts.

Holy (Finished Disc 2) 30 pts.

*Choose Wisely (Acquired the save crystal) 10 pts.

One Winged Angel (Beat the game) 150 pts.

The Earth Harp (Beat Emerald Weapon) 75 pts.

The Desert Rose (Beat Ruby Weapon) 75 pts.

Magic Master (Master every green materia) 30 pts.

Summon Master (Master every red materia) 30 pts.

Command Master (Master every yellow materia) 30 pts.

*BFFs (Recovered your materia from Wutai) 20 pts.

*The Spunky Ninja (Got Yuffie) 15 pts.

*The Melancholy Warrior (Got Vincent) 15 pts.

Birth of a Spell (Master a Materia) 30 pts.

Found You! (Defeat Ultimate Weapon) 20 pts.

*Under Da Sea (Entered the downed Shinra plane) 20 pts.

Defender of the People (Win 3 optional battles at Fort Condor) 20 pts.

*Master Ninja (Ascended the Pagoda) 10 pts.

Blaster Master (Score over 5000 points in the Speed Square) 10 pts.

Blue Mage (Get all enemy skills) 10 pts.

Shiny (Breed a gold chocobo) 30 pts.

Huge Collector (Get all four Huge Materia) 20 pts.

Omnislash (Use Cloud’s Level 4 Limit Break) 20 pts.

Catastrophe (Use Barret’s Level 4 Limit Break) 20 pts.

Final Heaven (Use Tifa’s Level 4 Limit Break) 20 pts.

Great Gospel (Use Aeris’s Level 4 Limit Break) 20 pts.

Cosmo Memory (Use Red XIII’s Level 4 Limit Break) 20 pts.

Highwind (Use Cid’s Level 4 Limit Break) 20 pts.

*Chaos (Use Vincent’s Level 4 Limit Break) 20 pts.

*All Creation ( Use Yuffie’s Level 4 Limit Break) 20 pts.


And if those aren’t enough, be sure to pick up the first DLC pac, entitled Don Corneo’s Palace of Man-Love, for an additional 250 gamerscore!