The Five Games I Want To Import Right Now

Importing games is expensive. They take forever to arrive thanks to customs. You always have to ask a ton of questions on the forums to see if you can even play the game with a limited or near non-existent grasp of the Japanese language. It’s just a hassle. So why does Japan have to hog up the cool games and keep ’em to themselves?

Gripes aside, there are plenty of games over in the East that I’m sure we all wish came to America but some times you just have to give in and import. Usually I’ll head to PlayAsia or NCSX for my import pleasures and then hate myself as I pay $20-50 more than I would if I just lived in the country or the items would just get translated and brought over. Still, some games I just need/want.

It’s also pretty funny how almost every game people want to import are RPG’s and mostly on handhelds. It is rare to find a console game that gets into an import rage. It’s also rare to have any other genre aside from RPG get into a craze, too. Though you could make a case for rhythm games such as Project Diva and DJ Max.

As of right now, I have five titles that I am desperately wanting. I keep holding on to some sliver of hope that they will come to America but it’s looking grim. My wallet is weeping already.


Braverly Default: Flying Fairy

This “spiritual successor” to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light has been praised up and down as one of the top reasons to own a 3DS. Judging by videos, trailers, info, and people talking about it on line, it’s tough to argue that claim. This looks like a fantastic adventure and the job system is intriguing. The online features alone seem worth the purchase thanks to the community quest system and unlockable achievements. It seems like it may come to the US in the middle of 2013 but nothing is set in stone yet. I just may have to import the upcoming Collector’s Edition.



Final Fantasy Type-0

Mother of god this needs to come to the Vita in America. This is the penultimate vision that the Final Fantasy team had for Crisis Core. Couple that with the amount of characters you can in your party equals the one Final Fantasy game people should be campaigning for. As much as I love Final Fantasy VII and would like a remake, Type-0 needs to be localized. Having this for Vita would be huge. Seriously, if you haven’t heard of it, just check out the trailers on YouTube. This game is amazing looking on the PSP. Imagine what a remastered version would be like on the Vita.



Phantasy Star Online 2: Vita Version

Okay, this isn’t even released yet but from the looks of things this version may not even hit American shores. The PC version looks very likely but having PSO2 portable would be awesome. I am a huge PSO fan and after being able to play the PC beta a while back, I’ve been hooked on looking for new info about a US release. This combines the PSO feel with much better and faster paced gameplay. The lobby system feels like Blue Burst but on a bigger scale. I will be buying this on day-1 for any systems it comes out on. Can you feel my bias flowing?



Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney

OBJECTION! This game features too much awesome!

Only in Japan are you going to find two awesome game series with great main characters come up with a mash up and actually be an official game. In this game we play as Professor Layton who goes out to find evidence, complete puzzles about the case, and get the truth. Then in the courtroom we have to defend the client with Phoenix Wright as we take that evidence, question witnesses, and try to come out the victor. Two great sides of gameplay that are already proven with huge sales in their respective series that converge in one title. Can the 3DS really hold this much awesome?



Project X Zone

I kind of want this game just because it features Bruce Willis. Well, not Bruce Willis per say, but close enough!

Project X Zone is a strategy game featuring tons of characters from Capcom, Bandai Namco, and Sega. Weird combo, right? It’s hard not to be excited about this game when you look who’s in it. You got Mega Man X, Ryu, Bruce Willis, KOS-MOS, Chris Redfield, Jin Kazama, Tron Bonne, Arthur, Flynn Scifo, Yuri Lowell, and BlackRose. What a set of characters. There’s a lot more where that came from and they’re all involved in a giant mystery that has monsters invading a world. How can you not want this?




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