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Mass Effect Release Window NOT 2014

So, if you were on the internet yesterday and have any remote interest in Mass Effect 4, you probably heard that Bioware had planned a tentative 2014-2015 release window for the forthcoming game. This claim came from an interview by Gamer Syndrome—which you can now see has been removed—that supposedly spoke to a Bioware representative. Early hints to the document’s questionable origins came from Mass Effect franchise producer Mike Gamble in a tweet.

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After the story was picked up by all the major gaming publications, EA felt the need to step in and call foul. Speaking to G4, an EA spokesperson said, “At no time did EA or BioWare provide any answers to questions from Gamer Syndrome.” Shortly after this, Mike Gamble clarified with another tweet.

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Most of the major gaming publications have updated their original post to reflect the inaccuracy of the interview, but let there be a lesson learned. Queue shameless self promotion: For information that is always certified true, look no further than Leviathyn.


Via: [G4] Source: [Twitter]