iOS Review: Gmail App- Version 2.0

I’m a gmail user and have been for just under a year, mainly because my childhood hotmail account got hacked and I realized just how unsafe they are. Anyway Gmail seemed the best step up since I’m also a Chrome user so I set an account up, first snag was that Gmail didn’t push to my iPhone as instead it ‘fetched’ data which was no good to me. Having looked for a solution I fell upon this app in its earlier stages and it did the job, it wasn’t going to win any awards but at least it pushed received emails to me. My view on this app changed over a week ago however when version 2.0 came out.


Gmail originally saw you being able to archive your messages instead of deleting them, conversations formed with email from the same contacts and even holiday responses incase you’re going to be away from your mailbox for a while. Version 2.0 offered up a little more than just a change of color scheme ( which did take a nice turn from bleak black to fresh white).

Upon boot up the first noticeable update it the profile pictures that have been integrated offering a more personal experience and quicker identification of fellow gmail contacts, they too have their own personal profile pictures displayed. Fear not however as if they don’t possess a Gmail account then Gmail automatically gives them a colored badge with the first letter of their first name for example I get a ‘B’ in a green box. Little icon animations such as the folding logo during loading screens or the twisting of the paper-clip during attachments makes the processes seem for fluid and gives the app a sleeker feel.

Multiple accounts are now enabled meaning you can run your personal Gmail account and your work or other Gmail account simultaneously and effortlessly and both with their own custom options and individual profile pictures.

My favorite addition to Version 2.0 is the scribble ability. Not only does Gmail have a simple and speedy attachment service but it now enables iOS users to scribble their own messages and send them as attachments, something previously exclusive to iPad mail users. This app is also available for iPad and looks stunning in HD.

The overall speed of the app has also improved as it was originally noticeably slow but has been satisfyingly responsive and quick to load up more recently. The few gripes I did have with this app haven’t changed though as highlighting multiple emails remain highlighted after you have performed an action with them ie marking them as read, this isn’t a problem as such but it’s just annoying having to de-select everything.The many elements of the Gmail app also came across quite confusing and full on but you learn the ropes fast and tutorials are very helpful. In short, emailing with Gmail is a more superior experience than that offered by integral Mail apps, this would be a 10/10 if it speeds up some of its processes. I would urge any Gmail user to get hold of this app soon, especially after the updates brought with version 2.0.

Version 2.0 of Gmail has been available since December 4th 2012 and this has been reviewed after daily use since that date and contains comparisons to daily use of version 1.0. This app was reviewed on an iPhone 4 but is available on iPads and iPhone 4s/5.

Ben reviews the Gmail for iOS app after its recent update brings a few new tweaks and improvements to the table such as scribble emails, profile pictures and finially multiple accounts.

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Total Score - 9


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