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Crytek Makes Rhythm Minigame, Happiness Levels Increase

If Crytek entered the rhythm music market, I think I’d be okay with that. The reason why I say this is Crytek’s free Christmas-themed rhythm minigame that is on its website today. The minigame is a simple scrolling rhythm game, and as of this writing, you can choose between “Jingle Bells” and “Silent Night.”

I didn’t find them to be difficult to play, though that could be attributed to years of playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero. However, this minigame is also for a good cause. According to the intro for the minigame, Crytek normally spends money on Christmas cards, but is using that money this year for donations to charity. Now that’s pretty cool. If you want to play this short, but very fun, minigame, head on over to Crytek’s website.


Via: Joystiq

Source: Crytek