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Cliffy B Opens Up About His Future

Initially a mystery, bits and peices are starting to fall into place for a post-Epic Games Cliff Bleszinski. The former Epic Games design director recently sat down for an interview with G4, and opened up about his future role in the games industry. Some highlights from the interview include his eagerness to open a studio to get to work on a new IP currently codenamed Silverstreak. He also emphasized that he does not want Gears of War to define him as a game developer.

“I don’t really want just the whole chainsaw gun to be my legacy,” Bleszinski said. “A lot of these kids who have only been playing games for the last however many years, they think that’s the only thing I ever did. They forget about Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal, Unreal Tournament; that I worked on things like Bulletstorm and a little bit of Shadow Complex.”

Bleszinski fielded several questions about his hypothetical new studio, as well. When asked about the likelihood of opening his own studio he said he intends to open a new studio some point in the future, noting that “it is not a matter of if, but of when and with whom.” He was also asked about how his celebrity could impact the well-being of his studio as was the case with Curt Schilling’s 38 Studio. To this Bleszinski stressed that wielding this status appropriately can yield benefits, but noted that there is danger, too.

“You have to be careful when you have a certain amount of cult of personality,” Blezinski said. “You can use it, and leverage it to some extent, but you have to be careful to not believe your own crap. And surround yourself with people who will question you at the right times; you don’t want to surround yourself with a lot of yes men.”

Lastly, Bleszinski teased his new intellectual property Silverstreak, saying he is “gestating slowly” on this mysterious new IP.

Bleszinski left Epic Games in October after 20 years. Since leaving the company, Bleszinski has done a circuit around the industry visiting the offices of Activision, Zynga, Double Fine, and Electronic Arts, meeting with God of War and Twisted Metal designer David Jaffe, and been courted by Ubisoft.


Via: [Gamespot] Source: [G4]