Game Pitch: Super Mario RPG 2: The Fall of Mushroom Kingdom for the Nintendo 3DS

Game Pitch is a series on Leviathyn where we come up with ideas for a new game for an existing series or title. This could be a sequel, a reboot, or a side story featured a supporting character. Whatever we come up for Game Pitch is all in our heads and wishful thinking. These are not real games! That being said, have some fun with our imagined games and feel free to critique or come up with your own cool ideas in the comments below.


Title: Super Mario RPG 2: The Fall of Mushroom Kingdom
Series: Super Mario RPG
Platform: Nintendo 3DS



Six years after the events of SUPER MARIO RPG: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN STARS life in the Mushroom Kingdom has more or less gone back to normal. Bowser is up to his old tricks again and Mario is just as busy as always. Though, one day while the whole gang is relaxing down in Tadpole Pond, the sky darkens. A bright, swirling vortex opens up over Mushroom Kingdom and out pours thousands and thousands of soldiers followed by gunships and other mechanical nasties.

As Mario and Luigi rush towards the castle, they encounter the leader of the invasion force, Baron Chronos. Chronos explains he and his people have been at war with the Star World and an entrance to the fabled Star Road has been located on Mario’s world. Chronos intends on opening the Star Road and invading the Star World in hopes of conquering the galaxy.

In typical hero fashion, Mario and his friends leap to action as they set out to retrieve the lost Seven Stars. Once used to repaired the Star Road, the stars are now the only way to lock the Star World from Chronos’ grasp.


Selling Points:

  • FAMILIAR FACES, NEW FRIENDS: As a new adventure begins, the gang must come together and face another evil. Join Mario, Peach, Mallow, and the others as they search for the Seven Stars alongside new members of the group such as Luigi and Wario!
  • KEEP THE KINGDOM FROM FALLING APART: As Chronos’ invasion continues, Mario and his friends have to keep the kingdom together. Journey to all corners of the world as you fight to stop this hideous plan.
  • TONS TO UNLOCK, SIDE QUESTS GALORE: With the crisis reaching all over, the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom need your help! Solve puzzles, side quests, and find hidden areas to unlock new party members from other games (like Kirby!), new items, more weapons, and tons more!


More Information:

The idea behind Super Mario RPG 2 is to bring back the classic and beloved style and gameplay that the first game had. With Square-Enix back at the helm for this one, The Fall of Mushroom Kingdom is destined to be one of the darkest Mario experiences to date. With the invasion continuing and an ever present meter showing how close Chronos is to opening the Star Road, this game is going to keep you on your toes and ensure a tense experience.

I was thinking along the lines of how Super Mario RPG brought the fun style of Mario into a world created by Square-Enix that was pretty dark while not crossing any lines that a Mario game shouldn’t. The same thing should apply to the sequel. I’d like to see the story stick to Chronos continuously trying to show/tell Mario and the gang how futile their efforts are and introduce obstacles along the way. That would make me, as a player, want to beat the game even more.

Mario hasn’t been this dark since the first RPG title. We need some shake up in this franchise. I think Fall of Mushroom Kingdom is just what we need with Mario.



To be honest, don’t change the gameplay much at all. At least the combat should not be touched. A traditional ATB turn-based combat with the timed attack input was great for the first game and should come back in the same style. The thing that’s up in the air for me is if the sequel should use the same graphic style or use something like we saw in Bowser’s Inside Story. If they go that route, the sprites would look awesome.

Out of combat, however, I think having a bit more to do would be awesome. Town hubs, non-linear areas, and hidden areas would go a long way in improving the gameplay of the sequel. In the first game you basically just followed a route laid out in front of you until you hit the world map again. Open up the areas more and make the bigger “zones” part of a questing/town hub. Think MMO questing style but not so much fetch, grab, return, reward and more of questing furthers the zone’s plot and progress. The more quests you do, the more the story and activity in the zone opens up. That would make the player want to achieve all they can in a zone before moving on.

After a couple zones in an area you’d move on to the stronghold or dungeon where you have to make your way through to the boss, get the star, and progress in the story against Chronos.

One of the things I’d like to see is Chronos making appearances often. I think back to World of Warcraft’s Wrath of the Lich King expansion where Arthas/The Lich King was a constant presence and by the time you actually fought him you were dead set on defeating him. I also think about how in the first Super Mario RPG that giant sword was always on the world map and you knew that was where you would end up eventually.

All-in-all, keeping certain elements like combat the same as the first game is crucial. This is, afterall, a sequel to a beloved game and changing everything about it would be a bad idea. I know they’ve done plenty of Mario RPG games since Super Mario RPG and they are sort of a “spiritual successor” of sorts but we need a sequel. I wouldn’t mind if they changed the graphical style since the awesome sprite work from Bowser’s Inside Story could really make this game look fantastic but I wouldn’t mind seeing the original style come back.

As for unlocking new party members from other games, I just think that would be a great nod to Nintendo’s other franchises and give the player a choice in who to use. Plus, seeing them in an RPG setting and even integrating them in with dialogue would be awesome to see. I’m thinking along the lines of Kirby, Mewtwo (need a pokemon who can talk), Starfox, Kid Icarus, and maybe Samus but she might look out of place.

Oh, and don’t worry, Geno will of course be in the game. Chronos is trying to invade his world, after all. Plus, this wouldn’t be a Super Mario RPG game without Geno. He really needs to be in the next Smash Bros.


So what do you think about my pitch for Super Mario RPG 2: Fall of the Mushroom Kingdom? Is this a sequel you’d like to see? Would you change it up in any way? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time, keep the creativity alive!