A Wreck-It Ralph Sequel Starring Mario? No Thanks

After a recent talk with MovieHole, Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore announced his desire to bring the lovable villain back to the big screen once again in an eventual sequel.

What was more interesting than that, however, was his announced intentions to bring in a well-known game character to serve as a supporting character beside Ralph.

That character, interestingly enough, is one that didn’t actually show up in the first film. Who is he? Nintendo’s own iconic plumber Mario.

There’s a lot to this story that makes me audibly groan when I think about it.

First off, the original Wreck-It Ralph had a great ending that closed itself well and didn’t leave any loose ends. And yes, I do trust Disney to take what Ralph is and still kick out a quality film by way of a sequel. But my real question is this: do we need one? Was that world and that cast so interesting and compelling that it warrants a re-visit?

Really, though, my biggest gripe is the idea of incorporating Mario into the plot. First off, there’s this gem that reminds us exactly why the Mario Brothers (or any game characters, really…but that’s another discussion) should never be allowed to star in a feature length film:

Seriously, that thing should be shown to film students as a shining example of how NOT to do an adaptation. But I digress…

Placing Mario in a Wreck-It Ralph sequel would effectively ruin the creative vibe the film had. Part of its magic was the brilliant new world the film created, complete with characters both familiar and new, unique game worlds and their own sets of conventions and rules, and the way all interacted with each other. The references to games were fun and the cameos were clever and helped reinforce the main story of the game in a way that was unique an interesting.

Putting a recognizable character into that position would break this in the worst way. By putting Mario in there as a supporting character to Ralph, it’s simply no longer a Disney film, instead being turned into a straight-up Mario movie. And we all know how well that goes.

Plus, the flexibility to create an interesting character out of Mario would be all but null; we already have a set expectation of how to take him as a character, because we’re already aware of everything about him and his personality, all the way from his clothes and demeanor to even his voice and patterns of speech (which, depending on the game, are fairly minimal). By putting him in a movie, you’d have to make sure you stick closely to the iconography of his character as a whole, or else the entire thing simply wouldn’t fit right.

There aren’t enough words to help me express adequately how badly I don’t want this. I said it in my review; it’s one of the best video game movies ever made, because it distances itself from recognizable characters and game worlds, instead giving us a unique new take on something familiar by using tasteful nods to gaming while telling a compelling story. Add in some recognizable characters, and you’ll risk making another soulless video game adaptation film that won’t manage to be half as creative and heartfelt as the original.

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