The PS4 and How It Can Be ‘Next Gen’

The internet is alive with the chatter about next generation consoles, after nearly 6 years of mediocre “slim” and minor tweaked versions of consoles we’ve been told to expect the next step up soon. With that in mind I was wondering, just what do we want the next generation to be? Don’t get me wrong it’s about time but what do we actually want these new video game behemoths to be capable of? Being a current and avid PS3 gamer i‘ve collected my thoughts on what I think the PS4 should be capable of, I’ve even thrown in a few of my PS4 concepts.

Blu Ray/3D

Now you may have read that and thought “Ben you donut, PS3 already has Blu Ray so why wouldn’t the PS4?” Well I’m just making sure. One of the most redeeming features of the PS3 in my books was that it was not only a top end games console but also a brilliant Blu Ray player, the PS4 should continue this. Not only should it have Blu Ray abilities but also 3D, it should have the power to deal with 3D produced games and be able to pump out 3D outputs to 3D ready TV’S.


STOP! Yes I know there are millions of apps and softwares that can be downloaded to achieve this but what I want is the PS4 to have a streaming service inbuilt. The service should be compatible with next to all operating systems and capable of streaming HD movies and music from your PC/Mac seamlessly, if the nazis and Netflix can manage it then so can Sony.



Heavy duty memory sizes would also go down a treat. If streaming isn’t something your bandwidth can maintain then having larger memory would work really well. Modern hard disks are available in truly huge capacities so even with just a single Terabyte (1000GB!) your PS4 could double up as an external movie and music hub but still easily house all your demos and save games. This wouldn’t even be detrimental to the price seeing as memory has plummeted down in price recently, or they could just go Solid State and speed everything up but bump the price up?


Smartphones and tablets how excellent internet browsing however my PS3 has a limited and odd browsing experience, it’s 2012 so the internet should be and can be everywhere. What the PS4 should showcase is an up to the minute browsing experience that can enable the integration of modern social networking sites such as Twitter with your gaming habits, similar to the experience you get from If not that then a version of Chrome or Firefox designed for PS4 usage and with the obvious anti pirating fortifications that iOS browsers have done well to incorporate.

Water Cooling

What’s the downfall of pretty much every games console? Dust and heat. The PS4 should build on this and integrate a water cooling system into its shell that’ll help to protect players from the dreaded yellow light of death. Not only is this practical it’s also aesthetically really cool as it often comes in luminous coolant variations such as blue and red. Another possibility for maintenance improvement for the PS4 would be fans that can be removed and cleaned without voiding your warranty, owners shouldn’t be being penalized for wanting to keep their consoles running.

A water cooled PC but you get the idea.

Integral Updates

Lastly just general and stereotypical upgrades to the integral systems such as processor power that will reflect the progression in technology that have been absent in the recent additions of consoles. With better components comes better graphics, faster gameplay and more room to breathe with developers realizing the full potential of what gaming can be.

These are my personal desires for what I would class as a “next generation” console, however I’m sure you have some different ideas. Please share them below and let’s give Sony some food for thought. With that in mind here are what I consider some of the best concepts for the PS4, enjoy.


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