Do We Still Need New Games?

The Nintendo Entertainment Center (NES) released with 18 different games. Before the Nintendo the world didn’t have many video games. We had enough variety to fill an arcade and some home consoles like the Atari and early Sega Models. But if you were a gamer it was totally possible to master every game that was out. To know the details, the hidden treasure, the secret passage way, and the trick to beating the final boss for every game that was ever sold. But now, things are different.

Nowadays there are 1000s of games out there, and more coming out literally everyday. There are so many titles that no one can compile a complete list. Every week I get e-mails from small game designers asking if I’d like to review their game, games that I’d never heard of and probably will never hear from again. There just isn’t time to play every game that comes my way. I don’t even have enough time to play every major release. The world of video games has grown to a level that I have to question… Do I even need more new games?

There are so many titles that I’ve already missed. It’s that time again, when game journalists look back at this year’s releases. The VGAs this weekend made me realize that even though I know the names of every game on their lists I haven’t played so many of them. If I were to sit down and start playing all of the games that came only this year that looked cool I wouldn’t get out of my chair for months. But that’s not even counting the games that I did play and want to return to!

I’ve got a list of video games that I’ve already played that I’m looking forward to returning to over winter break. Just replaying these games could keep me satisfied for almost years to come. Yeah I want to replay some older Elder Scrolls games again, maybe waste even more time on Minecraft, bring out my N64 or Gamecube and beat a couple of classics again, and then get back to increasing my K/D in Halo and start working further towards a legendary weapon in Guild Wars 2. There’s so much video game content out there already, I don’t have time for even more new releases.

Obviously I don’t think the video game industry needs to take a break. I’m just realizing that even though I play video games all the time there’s still so much that I’ve missed. The industry isn’t like it used to be, and playing every game that comes out will never be practical. No single person has the time, and most of us don’t have the money, to complete all of the content there is in this world. Gamers will never have the same experience because no 2 people have ever played the same games. There’s no time to waste on games that aren’t great, because there’s going to be new titles tomorrow you want to choose from. The video game world is a crazy one, be sure you don’t get lost.