Gaming: The Bleeding Effect

Having an interest is an important aspect of life and gaming has become one of the most common interests of this generation but what happens when things get a little out of hand? I’m going to showcase some of the most extreme examples of what I’m calling the “Bleeding Effect” of gaming, this is just a few examples of what happens when you let your interests take over.

Portal 2 Proposal

This is pretty impressive and sort of makes you go ‘awww’. A man enlisted the help of a Portal level designer who was tasked with crafting an elaborate set of stages that his girlfriend would play through which would ultimately lead her to a final question, a marriage proposal. The levels are actually well designed and even include GLaDOS voice overs, crazy. All the awards for effort to this bloke, this is awesome… In the ‘I would never do that but I totally think its cool’ kind of way. The full video of the levels can be viewed below.

Halo Paintball

This is incredible and is something I’ve had countless discussions about with my friends. A paintball company from Asheville NC built a concept warthog machine specifically designed to be used in paintball combat, yes the turret works. I’m also aware of a Russian company that have done something similar and even kit their players out with Spartan/Covenant armor and weaponry although I can’t locate the video. Below is the video of the Asheville warthog in action.

Assassin’s Creed Parkour

Another example of sport affected by the gaming bleeding effect is a Parkour/Free runner dressed up in a custom costume of Altair performing all the classic Assassin moves from the game, even a well edited leap of faith! He’s also made a follow up episode based on Assassins Creed 3 which is linked in an annotation so be sure to check that out too.

Gaming Tattoos

Some gamers love their interest so much they get it emblazoned upon their body forever, now that’s dedication. While I personally don’t like the idea I appreciate that tattooing is a very personal thing and I’m not at all mocking the artwork or the people that have them, more just showing how extreme the bleeding effect can be.

This is but a few examples of what happens when gaming leaves the confines of a screen, some are cool, some are a little near the mark of socially acceptable but hey everyone to their own. If you have a bleeding effect example please share it below and give everyone here at Leviathyn a few laughs.