Details & Analysis On Resident Evil 6’s Upcoming DLC, Free Patch

Hey, good news people who bought Resident Evil 6 thinking there would be more content!  Capcom announced over at their blog that they are bringing a slew of DLC that adds some significant changes, including substantial multiplayer offerings, December 18th.  I was a big fan of the game, (and I wasn’t the only one, see Ron’s glowing review of the game if you haven’t played it), but I did feel that replayability was a factor for anyone planning a purchase.  The campaigns were universally stellar, but Mercenaries was a sad shell of what it should have been.  Agent Hunt provided a idly amusing distraction, but I don’t think anybody would say it is a destination mode.  In response, Capcom has developed three extraneous modes that hope to keep the disc spinning in more systems.  This content consists of three new multiplayer modes–Predator, Survivors and Onslaught–each of which will be priced at 320 Microsoft Points, or as a bundle for 720 MSP.  Here are the details that Capcom provided about each mode:

  • Available for two to six players, in Predator one player takes on the role of the Ustanak, the fearsome B.O.W. that stalks Jake Muller throughout his campaign, and tries to eliminate the human players.  The humans’ task: stop the deadly B.O.W. in its tracks, or at least survive until the end of the session.
  • Survivors takes the classic solo and team-based versus mode and adds a twist. Get killed and respawn as an enemy character with the ability to attack the human characters. Take down one human character to resurrect in human form. Last man or team standing wins. Survivors can be played by two to six players.
  • Onslaught sees two players go head-to-head in an attempt to clear waves of oncoming enemies. Chaining combos provides the key to success in Onslaught as this will send enemies over to the opponent’s screen, the more that are sent over, the quicker the victory will be.

Of all the three, I have to say that Survivors looks the most interesting, but I’m not sure about this DLC strategy.  I would almost take some additions to Mercenaries over this, because competitive multiplayer has never really worked out that well for Resident Evil.  However, I suppose it’s nice  that you can pick up one of these for just a few bucks if you are interested.  Here is the video for Survivors. I really like the idea behind it, even if the actual gameplay looks a little wonky.  Check it out for yourself.

In addition to the paid DLC, there is also a patch coming out on the Dec. 17th that adds a few extras:

-A new option allowing players to adust the in-game camera to get a greater field of view

-A new option allowing you to combine English language audio with subtitles in other languages

-An optional, player-controlled co-op partner for the Ada campaign

-The extremely challenging No Hope Left difficulty mode

It seems a little late to add a co-op partner to Ada’s campaign, but whatever.  I’m not going to complain about more Resident Evil, but you have to wonder how high excitement for this is.  Do you plan on extending your RE6 experience, or have you already moved on to bigger and better things?  Sound off!