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An Early New Year’s Wish List

December is here and I already can’t wait for Christmas, I’m getting a WiiU and a PS2 because my model of PS3 doesn’t play my PS2 games (but still plays my PS1 games, someone needs to explain the logic of that to me.). I know it’s a little bit early but I figured I’d make a new years wish list, cause that’s what you do at the end of the year when you write about video games and anime, but instead of just stuff I wanna see next year, it’s going to be stuff I wanna see period.

I wish for more Touhou fan games that are established video games franchises but with Touhou characters

May I sugest Ghouls n Ghosts starring Youmu?

From my DeviantArt gallery, made in Create.swf

Jiang-shi Ate My Neighbors  anyone?


From my DeviantArt gallery, made in Create.swf

A Pikmin parody fan game starring Wriggle Nightbug would be perfect.


Double Dragon with Hong Meiling and Lie Meiling would be awesome, beat the game in co-op and they have sex!


Of course I want a fan game based on Ape Escape



Speaking of Touhou Project… I wish the Touhou Project games had co-op .


 They’re bullet hell games about flying lesbian lolis people, that’s too much fun to be had alone. Sure Touhou Project 3 and 9 had multi-player, but they were versus shooters. I want full a Touhou Project game, six stages, six bosses, four difficulties (three if you consider one of them is a joke), an extra stage with an extra boss, with two players working together. It would be easy, just have the players share lives and bombs and compensate for it by increasing their maximum stock, and if the problem lies in making player-boss dialogue for every combination of characters, then don’t. It can simplified by making it so player 2 can only pick their character based on player 1’s, if player picks Marisa, then player 2 can play as either Reimu or Alice, and if you don’t to limit player 2’s character options, then just have dialogue for whoever player 1’s character is.


I wish for a re release of the Ape Escape games.

Earlier I talked about what I wanted to see in Ape Escape 4 if it ever got made. Of course I’m aware that it might never get made, but I’ll settle for an anniversary edition or something with Ape Escape’s 1 through 3, Pumped and Primed and Million Monkeys too, but optional. But, it should have two cool features; first, a mode where you get to name and raise your own monkey, choose his pants color, accessories, weapon attacks, train him to raise his stats, use him to play minigames either solo or against other players on PSN. The second is a level editor; that’s right. Make your own Ape Escape levels using the platforms, enemies, props and environmental pieces from all three games, choose what gadgets can and can’t be used, place the monkeys yourself, maybe even use your own custom monkeys from the monkey raising feature I mentioned earlier, upload them for other players on PSN. Trust me, the players like me who gobble up the Ape Escape games, they’re gonna love this.


I wish for more anime.


Seriously Toonami, there’s nothing stopping you from adding more shows to your schedule, you’ve got plenty of room if you didn’t just play the same schedule twice. Actuallly, screw Toonami, and Crunchyroll, I wish there was entire TV channel just for anime, have different genres playing for different days of the week; Actions like Bleach and Naruto on Mondays, romantics comedies like Love Hina on Tuesday, Suspense animes like Death Note on wednesdays, and regualr comedies like GinTama, Lucky Star, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo and Kill me baby on Thursdays. Have kids animes like Pokemon and Hamtaro on in the morning and afternoon, and have the really violent and bloody and/or fan serivce heavy and ecchi stuff like High School of the Dead on at late night. Better yet, an entire network with a channel for each genre would be great. This needs to exist, unless it already does and I’m unaware of it’s existence, why?


I wish for more crossovers.


 DC vs. Mortal Kombat, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Street fighter vs. Tekkan, Playstation All-Stars, Super Smash Brothers. I want more of these. Right off the bat I want another Smash Brothers, we’ll call it Super Smash Brothers Slam, make Travis Touchdown a character, and Chibi-Robo, and throw in Birdo to rival with Yoshi. now that they Sonic I think it’s safe to add the Rocket Knight too. Add Doctor Robotnik and King K.Rool, now we’ve got all the villains! Tenchu has been on the Wii and DS, I wonder if Rikimaru and Ayame could ever be playable, and since Kingdom Hearts has been on the GBA and the 3DS can we expect to see Sora and Riku? And how about Lloyd and Emil from Tales of Symphonia? Ooh, that’s it! A crossover fighting game with characters from all the Tales games, no, not like Tales of The World, a straight up fighting like Desigea Final Fantasy, Lloyd was in Soul Caliber Legends so we know he’ll work for a fighting game.


One more thing, Nintendo? Bandai? Allow me to make a suggestion:

Think about it.