Hybrid Controller

Patent for Move/DualShock Hybrid Filed by Sony

Sure, the ocean of absurdity that is patents is a sea full of danger, but more often than not, you find curious gems that make you go “huh.” This is one such case. A nifty little patent was discovered in Free Patents Online that entails a transforming hybrid of Sony’s PlayStation Move and DualShock controllers.

Called the “Hybrid Separable Motion Controller,” this patent was filed last May by Sony. According to the patent, the controller is composed of a DualShock controller than can be separated into two halves, with each half having an orb that resembles the Move’s orb. Both halves have accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers in order to detect motion. You can either use this controller as one unit or as two separate units. The important thing here is that the controller is able to detect when you’re operating it as two halves or as a whole. Sony has yet to confirm whether it will actually go through with the patent and actually design this thing, but seeing how this actually looks pretty cool, odds are maybe?


Source: GameSpot