13 Random Gaming Thoughts

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the gaming industry (well duh, I write about it). The problem with all of these thoughts is that none of them are complex or nuanced enough to get a whole story out of. If you were ever interested in what goes on in my head, here you go. Hopefully this doesn’t come across as mindless drivel.

1. Do all plumbers have hats? Or overalls? I never knew why Mario has this very specific costume. Then again, I don’t think I’ve ever actually met a plumber in real life.

2. Am I the only one who could never really get into the Elder Scrolls games, despite the fact that they always look so awesome on paper?

3. Nolan North does too much voice acting in the industry, I’m beginning to hear Nathan Drake in every game and it’s throwing me off a bit.

4. I thought about buying the new Need for Speed, as it looked a lot like Burnout: Paradise. Instead, I just started playing through Burnout for the third time. I think I made the right choice.

5. To elaborate on the previous point, Burnout: Paradise is probably my favorite racing game of all time, and still holds up today. I actually can’t think of anything wrong with it.

6. Where is Psychonauts 2? That game needs a Kickstarter page.

7. I really don’t need another generation of consoles right now, maybe it’s just me, but I can’t really think of anything new to put into a system, besides more motion control options.

8. I absolutely hate motion control. Maybe I’m just lazy, but if I wanted to get some exercise playing video games, I wouldn’t play video games. I’d just take them out of the equation. I would go outside, or go to a gym, and actually exercise like a normal person. Also, people always say “You feel more immersed in the game!”. No. You do not. If that was the case, I would come back from a round on Madden on Wii with bruises all over me and need to get my ankles taped.

9. Speaking of Kickstarter, it seems like developers could make a more money eliminating the middleman and getting their capital through Kickstarter. Of course, there is also probably a lot of opportunities for corruption, so to all the developers, don’t screw this up, please? Kickstarter could be the only way I get Psychonauts 2.

10. For an industry that has matured a lot over the years, gaming still doesn’t have enough rockstar personalities or celebrated developers like the movie stars and respected authors in film and literature, respectively.

11. I appreciate the mobile gaming “phenomenon”, but I’ve given them up. If there was one sole thing that could torpedo my productivity, it would be having access to Tiny Wings on a regular basis.

12. When is gaming going to get a legitimate awards show? And don’t tell me the VGAs are a legitimate award show. They’re on Spike.

13. While the end of X-Play is sad, I never really watched it, and never really thought it worked. Gaming coverage belongs on the internet, on sites like Leviathyn.

I know I’m not the only one with a head full of random and (hopefully) interesting thoughts on the gaming industry. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Ben_Tarrant

    I personally love The Elder Scrolls series, Burnout : Takedown is my favorite and I totally feel you on motion controls! Nice post bro.

  2. zach bokutou boren

    not every motion controled game is about sports and exercise, and it isn’t about the motion control it’s about how it’s used, for example i think it would be neat if a zombie game had you shaking the controller to get zombies off rather then tilting the left stick back and forth

  3. cmurdurr

    It would be neat. The problem is that no such game exists, and motion controls are more of a gimmick than a staple in the industry. You end up waving your arms around or waggling controllers like a fool…and few people in the core gaming market want to play that way.
    Until there’s some solid innovation or interesting hooks in the motion control market, I’m not sold on it.

    • zach bokutou boren

      @cmurdurr i agree. perhaps it’s best to just keep it at “tilt the controller up, down, left, or right” since that’s simple enough for anyone to use and for developers to assign a control input for, even tilting it in any direction does only one thing, i can see a FPS where tilting the controller in any direction is a melee attack, or fighting game where horizontal tilts is one attack and vertical are another.

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